Magicycle – Hardtail vs Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike, Everything You Should Know

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To help people decide whether to choose a softtail or hardtail mountain e-bike, we'll dive into the world of e-bikes and uncover the truth behind these two popular styles. Whether you're an experienced rider or a newbie, this article has the information you need to make a good decision. Let's get started!

Ontario, CA (PRUnderground) March 15th, 2023

It is well known that riding an electric mountain bike is an incredible experience. However, the prerequisite is to know which type of mountain bike is more suitable for oneself. Currently, the electric mountain bikes on the market are mainly divided into two categories: full suspension and hardtail.

To help people decide whether to choose a softtail or hardtail mountain e-bike, we’ll dive into the world of e-bikes and uncover the truth behind these two popular styles. Whether you’re an experienced rider or a newbie, this article has the information you need to make a good decision. Let’s get started!

Hardtail e-bike frames and full suspension e-bike frames

One of the most important factors to consider regarding electric mountain bikes is the frame design. The frame is the backbone of the bike and determines how it handles, performs, and feels. That’s why it’s critical to choose a frame design that fits your riding style and needs.

Hardtail electric bike frame

A hardtail electric mountain bike is also known as a front-suspension electric bike. It has only a front suspension fork and a rigid rear end. Of course, its versatility and flexibility allow it to still ride most terrain excellently. On some less difficult terrain, its rigid rear end provides excellent power transfer to the rear wheel on climbs and sprints and offers a more direct riding experience.

While these electric mountain bikes are lighter in weight and cost less than softtail models, they tend to be tougher to ride on technical trails because they don’t offer as much suspension and cushioning as softtail e-bikes.

Full suspension frame

Full-suspension electric mountain bikes are the latest development in electric mountain bike design, and one of the greatest inventions in the cycling world. Compared to hardtail models, full suspension frames have a rear suspension system that helps to ensure the tires remain in contact with the ground, providing greater traction and allowing for better performance on rough terrain. This can provide a smoother and more comfortable riding experience, instead of constantly bouncing like other bikes.

Softtail electric mountain bikes, such as the Magicycle E-SUV Deer, are becoming increasingly popular despite the higher cost and weight compared to regular bikes. This is due to their higher comfort, better handling, and more efficient power transfer from the motor to the wheels. They are ideal for riders who prioritize comfort and stability and do not mind the added weight for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Why is a full-suspension mountain bike better than a hardtail one?

As we have just discussed, there are differences in the frame design between full suspension and hardtail electric mountain bikes. So which frame design is more suitable for you? Well, this may depend on your riding style, terrain, and personal preferences. However, overall, full-suspension mountain bikes are generally better than hardtail bikes. In the next section, we will explain why!

Greater comfort

In terms of riding comfort, the softtail electric bike definitely has an advantage. With its rear suspension system, the softtail electric bike can absorb the bumps and vibrations of the road to the greatest extent, creating a smoother and more comfortable riding experience for the rider. Taking the Magicycle E-SUV Deer as an example, as the only softtail electric bike on the market currently using a step-through design, it is equipped with an innovative full suspension system and a butterfly handlebar that conforms to ergonomics, providing an unprecedented level of comfort.

In contrast, hardtail bikes have only one front suspension fork, which means they offer a less comfortable and harsher ride. Some riders have to deal with sore backs and hips after a ride as a result.

More stable and safe

Stability is essential for a safe and enjoyable ride, and the Magicycle E-SUV Deer is known for its stability and safety design that surpasses all other bikes – the Magicycle design team developed a double-layer, multi-chambered downtube specifically for the Deer, rather than a single-layer, single-chamber design that results in a weak frame. the single-layer, single-chamber design that would have resulted in a weak frame.

Usually, to ensure a safe ride, the seat post must be attached to the seat tube if it is a step-through bike. In order to make it a full suspension bike, there must be a top tube, without which the seat post could easily bend or even break. The Deer instead uses an innovative stability triangle design under the seat tube, combining a step-through design with a full suspension system to ensure the stability and safety of the seat post.

Adapting to more terrains

When it comes to road conditions, hardtail bicycles are generally more suitable for flat or relatively easy terrain, while full-suspension mountain bikes are suitable for almost all terrains. In addition to being used as urban commuter bikes, softtail adult electric bikes can provide smooth and comfortable rides for riders even on more technical and rugged terrains such as beaches, hills, and forests. Moreover, like the Deer, most full-suspension electric bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which can provide powerful braking force on any terrain to ensure safety.

More suitable for long-distance riding

Not all adult electric bikes are suitable for long-distance riding. Some bikes are rigid and do not provide any suspension system, or like hardtail bikes, only offer a front suspension fork.
For short rides, these bikes are useful. When it comes to long rides, eh? It can be uncomfortable on a hardtail e-bike. A full-suspension e-bike, on the other hand, ensures comfort and safety along the way. That’s why full-suspension e-bikes are better for long rides – they absorb all the shock and make you feel like you’re riding on a flat, smooth road the whole way.


The softtail electric bikes are great, making them a perfect choice for people of all ages, including those who have lost some physical abilities, especially riders with knee or back problems. Of course, the choice between a hardtail and softtail electric bike ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, after the above serious and specific analysis, our conclusion is that the full-suspension electric bike is more suitable for everyone!

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