Mako VPN Cloud Partner Tecmark Streamlines C-Store Loyalty Program Deployments

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By participating in the Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program, Tecmark makes services on their network directly available to distributed retailers utilizing Mako Networks security solutions.

Elgin (PRUnderground) June 10th, 2020

Tecmark recently joined the Mako VPN Cloud Partner program, making their customer loyalty programs easier to deploy to C-stores using secure Mako VPN Cloud technology. Tecmark and Mako share a common client base, and the integration of Tecmark into the VPN Cloud allows loyalty program rollouts to be streamlined, while still benefiting from the industry-leading data security of Mako VPN Cloud technology. Integration with the VPN Cloud allows C-store traffic to pass across known and trusted routes through VPN tunnels to pre-saved hosts, saving time without compromising security or site-level adherence to brand or corporate policies.

Put simply, the Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program enables distributed retailer networks to connect securely, reliably, and easily to third-party partner networks. Partners such as Tecmark deploy physical or virtual Mako VPN concentrators to make services in their environments directly available to tens of thousands of retail locations via simple dropdown menus in the Mako Central Management System (CMS). This allows C-store retailers using Mako appliances to connect to Tecmark’s network simply by selecting it in the appropriate dropdown menu and following the prompts.

Mako’s implementation of Source Network Address Translation (SNAT) means retailers can connect to Mako VPN Cloud Partner networks without reconfiguring their internal IP addressing schemes. And since many retail brand security standards do not allow payment environments to access the public Internet, Mako VPN Cloud technology gives retailers a way to access third-party service providers using a secure Mako VPN Cloud tunnel that bypasses the public Internet, maintaining compliance with PCI DSS and other security standards.

“Incorporating Mako as a vendor provides Tecmark with remote access and visibility into the devices operating at retail locations, eliminating the need to dispatch technicians onsite to troubleshoot connectivity issues,” said Lisa Artisensi, Vice President of Operations, Tecmark. “We and our clients experience easier, faster, and more direct troubleshooting through a single point of communication.”

In addition to security, Mako VPN Cloud technology delivers industry-leading resiliency and reliability for connecting retail locations to service provider networks. It also supports grouping of physical or virtual Mako VPN concentrators at one or more data centers and custom configuration of SD-WAN connectivity and failover behavior to provide the desired level of redundancy for each connection.

Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program participants and their customers both benefit from the Mako System’s ease of deployment. Partners can have their customers securely connect to them with “One Click.”

Mako provides partners with:

  • Complimentary or reduced-cost Mako VPN aggregation technology
  • Secure Mako VPN Template for “One Click” configuration
  • Approved Mako marketing documents
  • 24×7 access to Mako technical support

The features that make this connection process so easy also make it fast and cost-effective. Switching to the Mako System from other platforms often yields substantial savings when considering both initial and ongoing costs.

To inquire about the Mako VPN Cloud Partner Program, please contact Mako Networks at or +1 800-851-4691.

About Tecmark 

Tecmark works with C-stores all over the U.S to create custom loyalty rewards programs that help drive foot traffic into their store(s). Tecmark’s simple and easy-to-use solution is fully integrated with the POS system to offer fuel rollbacks, discounts, frequent buyer clubs, points promotions and rewards. Our solution also integrates with a branded mobile app, includes a dedicated Account Manager, facilitates scan data reporting, allows for unlimited member communications and requires no long-term commitment. Contact us today to learn more at +1 612-746-5095 or

About Mako Networks

Mako Networks provides simple, secure, PCI-certified networks for distributed enterprises. Operating internationally from offices in Elgin, IL, London, Melbourne and Auckland, Mako integrates cloud management and reporting, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE failover, VPN Cloud, firewalls, end-to-end PCI DSS certification and content filtering into one, easy-to-manage system. For more information, visit

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