Mango Animate Soon to Offer Typography Animation for Video Marketing

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Mango Animate Text Video Maker, also known as Mango Animate TM, is the latest software offering that Mango Animate plans to release. It can create stunning text animation within minutes.

Hong Kong, China (PRUnderground) April 7th, 2021

Video marketing has become insanely popular in recent times. And with good reason – videos have been proven to grab and hold people’s attention more effectively than other forms of advertising. There are different types of videos, each with its merits and drawbacks. Typography animation is one that stands out because it turns uninspiring text into engaging videos, entertaining audiences and in turn getting them to take desired actions. Mango Animate is getting ready to release their text video maker, Mango Animate TM for superior quality typography animation.

“We’re always thinking of innovative ways to make our customers’ lives easier,” says Ken Glenn, CMO of Mango Animate. “Since typography animation is becoming so prevalent, we had to make it readily available to our users.”

Mango Animate TM is great for video marketing. It will let users optimize their content for social media and streaming sites which is where the mass of their target audience is nowadays. The software will allow for customization of the cover and size of typography animation videos to suit the upload requirements of different platforms. It also supports export in several formats.

Typography animation is ideal for use in animated intros and outros. With the splendid typography animation styles and formats available in Mango Animate TM, users will be able to produce attention-grabbing intros and close with strong call to action. And they can import their logos, fonts, images, and videos to enhance the videos.

Mango Animate TM features numerous cartoon characters and entertaining character animations. They will make typography animation videos more fun and help them stay in viewers’ minds. Characters are great for helping to bring the message in the text to life. They can be used as narrators for the videos as well. Character animations along with the typography animation will make for even more appealing videos.

The best quality text-to-speech (TTS) technology in Mango Animate TM is complimented by a powerful voiceover tool. Users will have the choice of adding their voices to the soundtrack of their videos. They just need to click the record button to record their voices and create a stronger connection with the audience.

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Mango Animate is a young and innovative animation video and gif maker, full of creativity and passion for fun and lively animated videos. Packed with a rich library of free media and templates, Mango Animate offers ready-to-go tools and elements to create stunning animated videos for any use, from education to marketing, appealing to all age groups. The software is dedicated to making video creation more accessible to everyone.

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