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Manny’s Sweet Treats Announces New, Immersive Dessert Dining Experience

Industry: Restaurant/Hospitality

Mineola, NY (PRUnderground) November 10th, 2020

Manny’s Sweet Treats is announcing a new, immersive dessert dining experience for guests, called The Love Bond. The experience is centered on a Harry Potter-inspired theme.

Hector Carvalho, Owner of Manny’s Sweet Treats, says immediately upon arrival the guests will step into a rustic scene and be seated at an old, wooden table, which will be holding a lantern, flowers, and a scroll. Romantic music will be playing as well, to contribute to the setting.

The scroll features a Love Spell Message, which says, “I solemnly swear my eternal love, through thick and thin, young and old, and with a single bite of this heart, our love will be a bind for the rest of time.”

Couples will then be served dessert waffles with their choice of chocolate Nutella hearts. “The entire point is for them to bite into the chocolate in order to make the spell happen,” Carvalho says.

The scene also features a costume box containing an alcoholic beverage presented as a potion, to continue with the theme. The Love Potion Message says, “Whosoever consumes of this nectar shall see their heart’s truest desire and their true love. Beware, if used with cruel intentions it would make you fall in love with the wrong person.”

“Since I opened this shop four years ago, I have always felt inspired to create unique experiences for people,” Carvalho says, “And this is the idea that came to mind: something immersive, in the world of magic, where people can step in for a time and make believe it’s all real.”

Carvalho says he grew up reading Harry Potter, and knew it would be the best way he could recreate magic and make something unique happen for his guests.

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