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Mark Gilbert of ATN Announces Newly Released Guaranteed Sales Success Manuals

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Aspiring salespeople can now learn how to increase their profits this year and in the years ahead through newly released sales manuals by business partners Tom Stuker and Mark Gilbert of ATN (Automotive Training Network), called Guaranteed Sales Success (GSS) manuals.

Scottsdale, AZ (PRUnderground) March 6th, 2020

Four volumes of the GSS manuals were released on January 1, 2020. These volumes feature their own titles, including the following: How to Sell 20+ Units a Month (Volume 1), Phone Fundamentals (Volume 2), Mastering the Phone Up (Volume 3), and Digital Lead Management (Volume 4).

Snapshot of GSS Manuals

Volume 1 of the GSS manuals was specifically created for car dealership salespeople and managers, according to Tom Stuker and Mark Gilbert of ATN. Readers of this manual can learn how to be proactive rather than reactive in business. In addition, they can learn how to hold quality conversations to seal the deal.

Volume 2 offers scripts and strategies that can help salespeople to maintain control of their sales conversations, draw more buyers to their showrooms, and overcome objections. Readers can also learn about effective ways in which to request referrals.

Volume 3 is intended to help salespeople to convert telephone leaders into showroom traffic more effectively. For instance, salespeople can learn about how to handle inbound calls. They can also obtain tips for handling price shoppers.

Volume 4 shares information how salespeople can maximize every lead’s value through customer relationship management. For instance, readers can find out how to handle digital leads, identify customers’ needs, and send effective emails.

Business people and salespeople who are interested in elevating their business profits can purchase either of the GSS manuals or a bundle of all four manuals at

About Tom Stuker and Mark Gilbert

Tom Stuker founded ATN and remains a thriving sales/management consultant leader. His company gives dealerships the tools they need to achieve more sales and establish processes that will yield positive bottom-line results long term. During his career, he has had the privilege of converting 12,000-plus auto dealerships into extremely successful businesses around the world. In addition, he has appeared on several major news programs, including those on Fox News, Nightline, TODAY, CNN, and 20/20 on ABC

Mark Gilbert of ATN is the company’s chief executive officer and possesses over three decades of experience in the car industry. He has trained many dealerships globally. Gilbert continues to take pride in helping auto managers and salespeople to reach unprecedented sales levels by executing proven strategies time and time again.

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