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Mark Hochberg of NYU Dancing Launches New Contemporary Dance Blog Website

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Mark Hochberg of New York Unlimited Dancing recently launched a brand-new blog site focusing primarily on contemporary dance. Read on to learn more.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) June 1st, 2020

Individuals who are interested in learning how to break into the competitive world of contemporary dance can how take advantage of a brand-new dance blog website by dance aficionado Mark Hochberg, NYU Dancing (New York Unlimited Dancing) advocate.

The brand-new blog site can be found at Hochberg, a participant in New York Unlimited Dancing, said his passion for and skill in contemporary dance has paved the way for him to dance in numerous performances since his childhood, ranging from family parties to dance-offs, concerts, plays, community fairs, and school events. He uses the new website to share his insights into this unique and popular style of dance—and dance in general—based on the combination of his education and firsthand experience in dance.

A Look at Contemporary Dance and Other Dance Styles

On the new website, Mark Hochberg of NYU Dancing offers blogs that provide a glimpse into the foundation of contemporary dance and its impact on society today. For instance, readers can learn how this dance style got its start by taking an entertaining journey through its unparalleled history. The site’s blog content also highlights amusing facts regarding contemporary dance.

Hochberg furthermore uses his new website to discuss contemporary dance’s pillars according to Merce Cunningham, an avant-garde dancer/choreographer who served as a trailblazer in modern dance for 50-plus years. For instance, Hochberg emphasizes the contemporary dance principles of emphasizing creative freedom and using innovative costumes, lighting, and set designs. He also examines how contemporary dance places great focus on the dancer’s torso, unlike in ballet, where leg movement is emphasized.

However, because several dance styles have influenced Hochberg, he will also use the site to explore other genres, including tap, ballet, and hip-hop. In addition, he will dive deep into the dance methods and techniques used in various cultures, ranging from South America to Asia and Africa.

A Glimpse at Dancers, Films, and Plays

In addition to exploring the characteristics and history of contemporary dance, Mark Hochberg of NYU Dancing offers a glimpse at yesterday’s and today’s top dancers—the ones who motivated him to dance professionally as well. These include, for example, Gregory Hines, Fred Astaire, Josephine Baker, and even Shakira.

Hochberg also plans to provide in-depth recommendations and reviews of both older and more recent films that focus on dancing, such as Footloose, All That Jazz, and Stomp the Yard. Readers can also gather his insights into Hochberg’s favorite performances on stage, including Asuka and Fantastic Beings.

All in all, Hochberg’s main goal with the site is to provide readers with the information and inspiration they need to fully embrace and thrive in the exciting world of dance in the years ahead.

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