Matthew Ledvina Offers Gifting Strategies For US Estate Tax Planning

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Matthew Ledvina recommends the use of pragmatic gifting strategies in relation to US estate tax planning for high net worth families.

Zurich, Switzerland (PRUnderground) October 9th, 2020

Matthew Ledvina, a prominent US tax specialist, has suggested that developing and employing gifting strategies is a proven way to plan for US estate tax. With a background in tax structuring, trust formation and cross-border tax initiatives, Ledvina is well positioned to offer insights into workable strategies.

“Gifting is something that can be overlooked when it comes to planning for US estate tax, but it’s a highly useful tool which deserves adequate consideration,” says Matthew Ledvina.  “There is a certain amount that you can give tax-free to a beneficiary every year, and while the total amount may vary over time, the key is to utilize it to take an efficient approach to the redistribution of assets.”

The tax structuring expert is a specialist in cross-border issues concerning people with US connections, and has a background in estate planning for the longer term. As someone who has contributed to a number of cases overseen by the US Department of Justice Swiss Bank Programme, Ledvina is able to offer strategic insights which benefit individuals and families in a variety of complex situations. Inaddition he possesses specialist knowledge in investment, life insurance as a tax planning tool, and the management and structuring of a variety of specialist tax-efficient trusts.

Matthew Ledvina is a sought-after specialist who began his career at renowned law firm Baker McKenzie. He has since specialized in areas as diverse as compliance and tax planning, to structured asset sales and pension strategies. “I have used my range of background experience to deliver guidance on how families and individuals can use common practices, such as gifting, in the most tax-efficient and compliant way possible, irrespective of their individual needs and circumstances,” adds Ledvina. In addition he is currently working as part of a Fintech company in the UK that offers a lending platform for originators and lenders a marketplace for asset backed lending. Other interests include membership of a variety of investor clubs in London and Zurich, and the promotion of the need for pragmatism in longer term tax strategies.

About Matthew Ledvina:

Matthew Ledvina is a specialist US tax adviser with expertise in cross-border tax planning and multi-jurisdictional tax planning for families connected with the US. Other areas of expertise include the formation and structuring of complex financial trusts, multi-person financial governance, and the employment of life insurance as an effective tool for tax planning.Matthew also actively works to promote the use of AI in the legal and accounting fields.

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