Maximatecc Launches maxAI 430 Series

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A New Engine Monitoring System Gives You All of the Connectivity and None of the Headaches

Lancaster, Pa. (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2020

maximatecc takes the visual engine monitoring experience to the next level, launching the maxAI 430 series, including four varieties of a ready-to-use instrument display with a 4.3″ TFT screen size. Compact, but significant, each unit comes with pre-installed, headache-free, do-it-yourself software. The software allows operators to dictate what information is displayed on each of the included five screens, creating an optimal experience on a per-use basis. Add in a rugged build, excellent display resolution, wide viewing angles, the ability to connect 2x CAN channel, and 5x analog inputs, and you’ve got an advanced interface engine monitoring solution for virtually any application in the on- or off-road transportation industries.

Whether you are looking for robust or basic, selecting one of the four units within the 430 series ensures that it will perform as the engine monitoring system that you need:

  • maxAI 430 – A base model machine-operator interface. Perfect for when the operator-machine experience only requires the necessary parameters for engine monitoring.
  • maxAI 430i – With over 20 LED display parameters and five separate, programmable screens, each with five different settings per-screen, the 430i is the right choice for applications where a more robust, all-in-one monitoring system creates success.
  • MaxAI 430v – The 430v model is perfect for engine monitoring systems that require only the five display screens. Each has five parameters, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and includes an additional option to install a back-up camera.
  • MaxAI 430iv – A perfect combination of the two previously listed display units, the 430iv is for the application where an operator needs to have all the data outputs. This unit includes the 20 customizable LED display parameters, five screens with five programmable parameters, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and an additional option to install a back-up camera.

“The max AI 430 series allows us to provide customizable solutions for an engine monitoring system in all vehicle types. The key advantage of using a unit from the 430 series is the user-friendliness of them. They are truly plug-n-play systems,” states Product Line Manager Gerry Rojas. “Our easy-to-use, pre-programmed software allows our customers to design their own interface experiences. We’ve also built each unit to be rugged enough to withstand almost any environment. They are pre-configured with the proper number of channels and inputs, making each of the 430 units some of the most easily adopted interfaces in today’s market.”

About Maximatecc

maximatecc continually looks for innovative ways to bring critical vehicle data to end-users and to display it in the brightest, most precise, and smartest designs possible. The company specializes in operator information and control solutions for industrial vehicle manufacturers and systems integrators in diverse industries and a variety of critical environments. Around the globe, maximatecc support industrial and off-highway equipment, vehicle OEMs, and other partners with a broad portfolio of products and services. The innovators at maximatecc make machines smart, safe, and productive through technology, engineering expertise, and operational excellence.

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