May is mental health awareness month. Jack Troubadour is an entertainment experimentalist.

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Jack Troubadour is standing up against emotional and psychological abuse. He is using multi media and an entertaining smile to do it the right way. He steps forward from the darkest and cruelest corners of the inhumane with the truth through his book "Schizophrenic Paradox". He has also created music and a website to raise awareness about the epidemic of emotional and psychological abuse. He hopes to leave a smile upon the faces of the forsaken. He dreams about leaving a sense of enchantment in the minds of sci-fi enthusiast. He is a mental health motivational speaker praying for the healing of mental and emotional scars.

Nashville, TN (PRUnderground) April 29th, 2020

One out of four people are known to have an emotional or mental disorder. That means if you take the three closest people to you, and if they all check out O.K. that means it is you. Its O.K.. You can find comfort here.

Jack Troubadour has created a multimedia potion at that has turned him into a psychedelic prodigy. Jack is standing up against emotional and psychological abuse in the mental health awareness month of May. He has the right ingredients for a psychedelic thrill.  He promises to mesmerize your eye and delight your mind. He has the right ingredients to satisfy schizophrenic curiosity, which he claims is also a disorder.

Prepare to be entertained and amazed with his fantasy that has changed his life into the entertainment of a lucid thought. He has brought his hallucinations to life here, more than anyone will ever really know. His fantasy of twisted thoughts has inspired him beyond the point of no return.

Schizophrenic script was written upon the pages of Schizophrenic Paradox, a book by Jack Troubadour. Within the magical script he entertains us with critical information about the inside of an asylum. This story is part fiction with moral value and part the memoir of a schizophrenic. He promises to put a smile upon the heart of empathy with a spell binding experience.  You can find this adventure on Kindle and on the Barnes & Noble website.

Patient 13 is a mind-bending new age music video appearing on You Tube. Jack Troubadour is a graduate of Music Technology from Nashville State. If anywhere could teach music, it would be the music capital, Nashville T.N.. Jack Troubadour comes equipped with a home studio.  His studio and topics are a step forward and an accomplishment for the awareness of the Mental Health Community.

There is strength in numbers. One out of four people suffer from an emotional or mental disorder. The Virtually gift shop offers a unique shopping experience with a twisted humor of support for mental health awareness. Show your appreciation for the people who may only need just our support. Remember that social acceptance can be a big part of the healing process.

If you’re the one out of four people suffering from psychological symptoms, buy a crazy souvenir to show your support for your peers. Show your support and visit our psychological adventure at now. I am Jack Troubadour the psychedelic prodigy.

About Jack Troubadour

Jack Troubadour is a motivational speaker standing up against mental and emotional abuse with an original entertaining style of multimedia. A movement with a ”Lean On Me” type of support. Jack Troubadour has come to dazzle imaginations and put a smile upon the heart of empathy with his experimental entertainment.

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