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Meet Michael Connell – World’s first Bitcoin Comedian

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Comedian Michael Connell has released the first stand-up comedy album about Bitcoin, the new digital currency. It's available for purchase with Bitcoin from his website.

Australia (PRUnderground) December 17th, 2013

Comedian Michael Connell has just released a CD featuring the world’s first ever stand-up comedy routine about Bitcoin.

“I’m calling the album ‘Bitcoin 1.0’” Connell says. “It’s got jokes about Bitcoin and related topics like fiat currency and the NSA spying scandal, plus some bonus content from my first comedy album.”

Bitcoin is a pretty unusual topic for a stand-up routine. So unusual in fact, Connell seems to be the first to comedian to do a routine on the new digital currency. How does Connell explain this lack of interest from other comedians?

“Writing jokes about decentralized cryptocurrency is a lot harder than a routine on airline food,” says Connell. “When I perform this routine at comedy clubs usually less than half the crowd have even heard of Bitcoin – it’s still so new.”

So why pick such a difficult topic? Is Connell jumping on the bandwagon now that the Bitcoin price has skyrocketed?

“I started writing this routine when Bitcoin was at $200. In fact, this price spike is all thanks to my comedy,” Connell jokes. “Actually, I’m really interested in economics and internet freedom. Bitcoin was a pretty obvious topic for me.”

“It took me a while to write but then I performed my routine on Australian TV and it got a really good response, so I thought I’d put it out on an album. People can buy it from my website. For Bitcoin, of course.”

Bitcomedy 1.0 is available now at www.michaelconnell.com.au

About Michael Connell

Michael is an Australian stand up comedian. He regularly performs in the best comedy clubs in Australia, entertains at corporate events, and gives motivational talks at high schools and universities.

He has released two comedy albums, has appeared many times on Australian TV (including Australia’s Got Talent), and written for several major newspapers and other publications.

When not performing comedy, Michael likes to play the harmonica… badly…

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