Mega Supply Pro – Sourcing Building Materials for Multifamily Development During the Pandemic

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Thanks to Mega Supply Pro's extensive procurement network, many projects were completed on time and within original budgets, even during the Covid pandemic.

Philadelphia, PA (PRUnderground) August 23rd, 2021

Mega Supply Pro is a manufacturer-direct supplier of building materials and finishes serving the multifamily and mixed use development sectors across the nation. Since 2012 the company has been operating as a one-stop-shop for appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, electrical, smart home technology, doors & windows, flooring, tile, countertops, custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, accessories, and everything else needed for multifamily construction or renovations. With one set of terms, massive discounts, and one point of contact for everything. Mega’s logistics experts coordinate deliveries with the project’s schedule to ensure materials are on the job site when they’re needed there.

Many developers and contractors have experience sourcing construction materials and finishes through distributors, resellers, dealers, and so on. They know what it’s like to deal with the logistical and scheduling nightmares associated with having several middlemen, not to mention the markups each of them adds, especially during the pandemic.

Mega Supply Pro works directly with manufacturers, and operates its own storage facilities, thus eliminating the middlemen and retaining complete control of the supply chain. So that no matter the circumstances – customers’ materials and building supplies end up on the construction sites right when the labor teams are ready to install. There is no waste.

And when they say “building materials and finishes” – they’re not talking about the same old set of a dozen toilets and microwaves everyone’s been getting at Lowe’s for a decade, – they understand that developers and real estate investors need to not only attract tenants, but to also retain them. And that they need appliances that look and work great, that don’t break, and if they do – are easily serviceable. They know that millennials want everything to be soft-close, energy-saving, environmentally-conscious, and compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Best of all, Mega Supply Pro offers complete transparency, with no games or hidden costs – they will tell you right away what’s realistic and what isn’t. They know the price points that fit the market, and can offer a range of value-engineered options if needed. So far, every developer or contractor they’ve worked with has become a repeat customer, because they know how important it is for real estate developers to stick to their initial design goals and vision, while keeping the project within budget, and on schedule.

Despite the fact that the construction industry is experiencing delays and price hikes across the board, thanks to Mega Supply Pro’s extensive procurement network and direct relationships with manufacturers, many projects, even during the Covid pandemic, were completed on time and within their original budgets.

About Mega Supply Pro

We are a manufacturer-direct wholesaler of construction materials and finish products, acting as your one-stop-shop for direct procurement, and timely delivery of building supplies. We’ll review your specs, conduct a scope of work analysis, and provide a competitive price schedule, with alternatives, if desired. We’ve eliminated the middleman, and ship directly from the manufacturer to your job site, eliminating 3rd party markups and logistical nightmares.

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