Members of Priority Waste Field Crew Rescue Small Puppy from Rear of Garbage Truck

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A Pitbull puppy was rescued recently by Priority Waste workers in Flint

Flint, MI (PRUnderground) May 25th, 2023

In a heartwarming incident, two sanitation workers from Priority Waste in Flint became heroes when they discovered and saved a 2-week-old pit bull puppy from the back of their garbage truck.

Bobby Brooks and Trevor Manning, dedicated employees of Priority Waste, were on their routine trash route when they made a shocking discovery. While emptying the truck, something caught Brooks’ attention—a bag that seemed to be moving. Curiosity drove him to investigate further.

“I saw a bag moving, so I decided to hop in there to check out the bag, and I hear stuff as I’m ripping bags open. And in the bottom of the hopper, I see a puppy,” described Brooks. “And it ended up being alive.”

The two workers immediately sprang into action, realizing that someone had callously placed the helpless puppy inside a garbage bag and abandoned it on the side of the road. They promptly contacted their supervisor and animal control to ensure the puppy received the care it urgently needed.

For Manning, the discovery was especially emotional. “We see dead animals in the trash all the time, but never a live puppy dog. And so we went right into action,” he shared. The rescued pit bull puppy is currently receiving medical attention. The CEO of Priority Waste has generously offered to cover the puppy’s medical expenses. Once the puppy receives a clean bill of health, Brooks hopes to adopt it as his own.

“I’ve actually been thinking about getting a puppy for months now, so it’s crazy that this situation happened and the puppy fell right into our arms,” Brooks explained. “So it’s only right that we take care of it.”

In light of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the puppy’s rescue, Brooks plans to give it a name that symbolizes the miraculous nature of its survival. “I was thinking something like Miracle or Hope because it’s crazy that the situation unfolded like that,” he shared.

An investigation is underway to determine the events leading up to the puppy being placed in the trash bag and left at the curb. Priority Waste commends the actions of its employees and remains committed to animal welfare.

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About Priority Waste, LLC

About Priority Waste, LLC
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