Mercury Re-Emerges From Behind The Sun – What Does This Mean Astrologically?

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As Mercury re-emerges from behind the sun, we ask how this will affect your psychic readings.

UK (PRUnderground) September 28th, 2011

Keeping an eye to the skies is not only a fascinating and informative hobby, but will also allow you to watch for astrological events which may have a profound effect on your life, giving you time to prepare and letting you know about potential events that might be approaching.

Come October, Mercury will begin to appear in our skies once again. It’s been hidden from our view for a while due to it being on the opposite side of the sun from us, but it’s finally creeping back out and will start to show up at night. Look for it near Venus.

Astrologically, this means that those who were born under mercury, or those who draw their energy from this planet, will find themselves feeling more creative and full of energy. Mercury provides the impetus for writers, astrologers, dealers, brokers and others who either create, speculate or do something which blurs the two, so these people will all benefit from Mercury’s strong position.

Mercury is also the healing planet, and so we are entering a time where spiritual health and regrowth is particularly strong. Now is the time to cleanse yourself of negative influences, allowing your spirit to rebuild with fresh, new buds.

Finally, Mercury is the traveller, and can influence our own journeys, be they physical or mental. Taking the first step on the path whilst Mercury is strong will make the rest of the path easier. At Psychic Light, we can give you psychic readings which will allow you to judge just how Mercury’s reappearance will affect your decisions. We can also assess the state of your spirit so that you can be ready for the potential Mercury will unlock within you.

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