MetaTdex Earn: 7-Day Unconditional Refund with 0 Fee, Share Orders to Enjoy Airdrops

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Dubai, UAE (PRUnderground) April 6th, 2023

Thanks to all users for the strong support for Earn, and the MetaTdex EARN campaign season is launched. Purchase TT through MetaTdex Earn during the event, you can enjoy 7 days of 0 fee refund service for the first order, and you can also get 10 USDT transaction fee rebate coupons for sharing!

Before April 11, 2023, users can use Earn to purchase TT tokens on the MetaTdex platform Polygon chain and share screenshots to Twitter to enjoy double benefits:

  1. Purchase any amount of TT through Earn, and enjoy the 7-day 0 fee refund benefit for the first transaction.
  2. Share the Earn purchase screenshot on Twitter and @MetaTdex to get a 10 USDT transaction fee rebate coupon.

Launched by MetaTdex, “Earn” is an exclusive benefit product focused on global crypto enthusiasts which offers a worry-free refund service for TT (Tdex Token), ETH, SHIB, MATIC and some other tokens. Among them, the conversion pool of the Polygon chain provides 30,000 MATICs and 30,000 TTs per day. As MetaTdex seeks to benefit more users, the platform has set an upper limit on the daily purchase amount of a single Earn user, that is, 300 TTs and 300 MATICs. Users can convert USDT into other tokens on a first-come, first-served basis until there is no token left in the pool.

Under the 7-day unconditional refund service of MetaTdex Earn, users are able to gain interests from the increase in token price while avoiding asset losses from the token price depreciation. Meanwhile, the tokens purchased in MetaTdex Earn can be freely dominated by users. The tokens can be put in the Turbo Staking pool for financing yields, or in the trade mining sector for mining yields.

Taking Trade Mining as an example. After buying TTs in Earn, there will be three situations:

  1. When the TT price is stable, users can get TT rewards by conducting the TT/USDT trade mining. The amount of mined TTs is equivalent to the total yield.
  2. When the TT price rises, users can conduct the TT/USDT trade mining and get dual benefits of increasing TT quantities as well as a higher TT price.
  3. When the TT price falls, users can conduct the TT/USDT trade mining and hedge a part of the price drop losses via TT rewards. Definitely, due to the strong liquidity of TT generated from the trade mining campaign, the TT price has an obvious upward trend in recent weeks, thus the risk of a sharp decline is relatively small.

Deployed on the Polygon,BSC, HECO and HECO Pchains, MetaTdex has entered the top 10 in the ranking of global DEXs based on its comprehensive strength. In the future, there will be more innovative financial product models. MetaTdex is always committed to bringing users a secure, robust and efficient asset appreciation platform.

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