Method Metrix Debunks Myth of Cost Per Lead in Favor of Customer Acquisition Cost

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Method Metrix is a different kind of client acquisition agency, focusing strongly on the process of acquiring clients. This differs from similar businesses in the fact that Method Metrix puts an emphasis on customer acquisition cost (CAC) over cost per lead (CPL).

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) May 14th, 2019

Method Metrix provides revenue generation services specifically to the fitness industry. To bring in more valuable customers for clients, Method Metrix utilizes social media with well-researched tactics and a strong understanding of a client’s sales funnel. To help clients acquire new customers effectively, Method Metrix has a 4-Step process:

1.    Invest-invest your money into digital advertising

2.    Promote-convert leads from advertising into paying customers

3.    Convert-transform paying customers into members

4.    Profit-make money, grow and reinvest

Many agencies will bring leads to their clients but without planning for the future of those leads. Method Metrix’s business plan is to not only provide clients with leads but to also make sure those leads have a good chance of converting into paying customers.

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is a process that Method Metrix uses over cost per lead (CPL) in order to ensure the focus is long term rather than short. Many businesses will hire agencies believing that the best way to attain customers is to bring in a large number of leads. That business plan does not account for the many factors that go into finding leads that have a high probability of converting into a paying customer. Specific, highly targeted demographics can produce leads with a good chance of converting and conversion is were money is generated.

Method Metrix not only does the research needed to find well targeted leads but also looks at the sales funnel of their client to be as involved as possible. With more involvement from beginning to end, Method Metrix has the unique ability to help their clients have a better chance of converting those potential customers

Many businesses with a focus on CPL do deliver many leads to their clients. However, the belief that a lead is the same as a potential client has been blown out of proportion in recent years. A lead is only as valuable as its chance of converting. Method Metrix focuses on bringing clients leads that can convert and also wants to debunk the myth that a business should use CPL as sole metric. What sets Method Metrix apart is that we know leads are useless without member conversion. It’s not lead generation, but REVENUE generation that really matters as the end result.

About Method Metrix

Method Metrix works with members of the fitness industry to bring in leads that can convert into revenue-generating customers. Since its creation, Method Metrix has wanted to break the myth that lead generation is the same as revenue generation. Knowing some leads are far more valuable than others, method Metrix works to bring clients potential customers that have a high chance of converting so that the focus is on bringing in revenue not just leads.

With an emphasis on improving tools and processes continuously, Method Metrix ensures their clients receive a hands-on and innovative partner in the client acquisition process.

About Method Metrix

About Method Metrix
Method Metrix, a premier provider of digital marketing solutions, through its bold leadership, innovation and its comprehensive book of business, is transforming the fitness industry. Specializing in paid ads, PPC services and online social media efforts, the success of Method Metrix is driven by a commitment to delivering a one-on-one experience through customer-focused sales and service processes. Learn more at

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