Mike Robinson: From Compassion Care to Cannabis Philanthropy

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Santa Barbara, CA (PRUnderground) July 15th, 2020

Mike Robinson, Founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center and pioneer of Compassion Care, launched the biggest give away in alternative medicine. His “1 Million milligrams of compassion care”, expanded to 10 Million milligrams, and has now targeted 100 Million milligrams! Yet Mike is wondering if even this giveaway is enough. He is hinting at something even bigger, that could change Compassion Care forever.

Years ago, Mike was nearly killed in a professional auto racing wreck. Later, his life was threatened again, by cancer. Cannabis… and compassion care… has repeatedly saved his life, and turned him into a compassion advocate. For two decades he has created unique and effective cannabis formulations, gifting those who with no means to obtain or afford alternative sources.

Our Healthcare system is old and designed to address infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, accidents, and injuries. Now chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and difficult to classify chronic diseases, largely due to our aging population, need new treatments. And the U.S. Census tells us that our senior population is growing. Those over 65 rose from 37 million to 49 million in just 10 years. Our senior population will double again by 2060.

Crowded nursing homes allowed COVID-19 to spread, killing 55,000 residents and workers (NY-Times, July 7, 2020). New opioids, mood elevators, and anti-anxiety drugs were supposed to make us better and instead made us into drug addicts. Worse still, the Healthcare system responded to the Opioid Crisis that they created, by cutting off pain killers, even for those with genuine pain. As Mike Robinson puts it, “I’ve been opioid-free for one year. I understand the struggle of ‘pharmaceutically approved addiction’. I have just one request for doctors. Take responsibility. Be sure those you addicted are safely weaned off of prescriptions.”

In September 2019 Robinson appeared at the LA Cannabis Industry Institute’s expo and presented a message to the industry, a vision for the future of Compassion Care. “I don’t feel the years of spreading this message from stages and social media worked well.” To fill the gap, Mike, “created multiple brands and product lines… Genevieve’s Dream, Inc. with a focus of compassion… a hemp CBG brand… a developmental center!

Mike hopes that the growing Cannabis industry will be different than Opioids, where Healthcare turned medicine into a weapon, pointed at patients. “Was this incompetence or was it criminal intent? The cannabis industry MUST avoid this trap. The GreenRush is in full swing. The global legal marijuana market will pass $70 billion by 2027. That’s a lot of money. It can do a lot of good. But it can also shift our focus from people to profits.”

Compassion Care can be wonderful, but Mike points out it is not sustainable. “Compassion care is exhausting, resources… including money… will run out. Money always runs out. I’m developing a new model, making Compassion Care self-sustaining. Those that can only afford to pay a little, support those who cannot pay anything. There must be a transformation from Cannabis Compassion to this new form, “Cannabis Philanthropy”. I have supporters, launched several companies, released commercial products, and even built an educational curriculum. Together, these elements make up self-sustaining Cannabis Philanthropy! How does it work? Over the summer of 2020, I will lay out my roadmap and make a series of announcements about specific products and plans.”

It sounds like we won’t have a long wait to hear more about Mr. Robinson’s plans!

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