Millennial Services Gains an Exciting Full-Service Partnership With CatchCo

Industry: Online Services

Chicago, IL (PRUnderground) June 30th, 2020

Since January of 2020, Millennial Services, LLC has partnered with CatchCo, an exciting business focused on fishing brands, shopping experiences, and more. Based in Chicago, CatchCo’s wide-reaching services help fishing enthusiasts across the country. 

Because CatchCo is so multifaceted in nature, it requires a multifaceted approach to communication and customer service. That’s where Millennial comes in. Millennial Services provides CatchCo with a full spectrum of communication services, including all email, chat, phone calls, and social media communication. Millennial even tackles – excuse the pun – issues like lost/damaged items, exchanges, cancellations, and subscriptions. 

The Millennial team is excited and proud to work with CatchCo. For over a decade, Millennial Services has provided fully managed end-to-end customer service solutions. Millennial Services leads the way in inbound and outbound communication, which is why it’s trusted by so many leaders. 

Like Millennial Services, CatchCo provides multiple services and excels in all of them. From online content creation to physical bait and tackle subscription boxes, CatchCo juggles a lot of activities to keep their customers happy. CatchCo, like Millennial Services, remains a leader in its field. Only a full-service, fully customizable customer service support center like Millennial could handle CatchCo’s needs or even understand those needs. 

Just like with all of their other clients, Millennial Services provides what CatchCo needs by maintaining a firm commitment to quality assurance. Millennial Services goes above and beyond regular industry standards because it constantly evaluates its services. As a result of their commitment to quality, Millennial Services blends seamlessly and quickly into CatchCo’s workflow. 

The Millennial Services team has thoroughly enjoyed working with CatchCo for the last several months, and they look forward to continuing this partnership. 

Through this partnership with CatchCo, Millennial Services makes sure that CatchCo clients get the unmatched quality and service that they’ve come to expect from the CatchCo name. If you’d like to learn more about Millennial services, you can visit their contact page or call 866-627-3770. 

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