Million Dollar Remote Viewing Investment Fund Announced

Industry: Financial Services is seeking remote viewers to as part of a project to test the application of associative remote viewing on stock market forecasting.

San Diego, CA (PRUnderground) December 9th, 2010 founder Alex Tsakiris has announced the establishment of a million dollar investment fund to research the application of remote viewing for stock market forecasting. According to Tsakiris, “remote viewing has been established scientifically, but many still have doubts about practical applications… we decided it was time for someone to step forward and publicly demonstrate how remote viewing can be applied to a real world application – stock market forecasting.”

According to Tsakiris the project’s “share the wealth” philosophy is designed to attract and challenge the best remote viewers, “we’re looking for folks who can produce off-the-chart results inside of the research protocols we’ve established… folks who can do it are going to make a lot of money.”

While the project is primarily profit-driven, Tsakiris also seeks to provide a public demonstration of associative remote viewing, “we’re going to be open and publish results. Most of the research into remote viewing has been kept secret and out of public view. We’re hoping a new level of openness will help further research into this important human capability and its implications for science.”

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