Mindaro Announces Official Partnership with Cyber Risk Management Provider FortifyData

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Partnership Promotes Accessibility of Cyber risk management with Embedded Access to Cyber Insurance.

Dallas, TX (PRUnderground) April 27th, 2022

Mindaro has officially announced a new alliance with FortifyData, a next-gen cyber risk management platform vendor. The fast-growing cyber insurance service will now be available with FortifyData’s cutting-edge attack surface analysis and third-party risk management solution. Together, these two pioneers will help elevate digital security levels, while allowing companies to recover faster from data leaks and breaches.

Cyber insurance is often the missing part of the puzzle when it comes to bouncing back from clickjacking, ransomware, and supply chain attacks. This is because companies simply don’t possess the financial muscle or resources to get back on their feet. Once crucial business accounts are lost and brand damage is done, only proper cyber insurance can help companies improve their resilience levels.

In tandem, Mindaro and FortifyData will introduce an inside-out approach that can instantly elevate digital security standards and help achieve sustainable compliance. Enterprise level risk management with cyber insurance is truly a potent combo – FortifyData with its active and passive risk exposure assessments, coupled with Mindaro’s non-nonsense approach to cyber liability insurance policies and add-ons.

“Online businesses are now looking for an additional safety net because no security is impenetrable,” said Denis Senchishev, COO at Mindaro. “There’s a cybersecurity saying that ‘bad guys only have to get it right once’ to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. Good risk management helps shrink the attack surface and eliminate blind spots, but cyber insurance has become very important regardless.”

“This new partnership will help many risk managers effectively determine and allocate security investments, thanks in large to  automated programs that incorporate risk transfer decisioning intel,” explained Victor Gamra, Founder and CEO at FortifyData. “We’re really thrilled about our partnership with Mindaro and eagerly looking forward to the improved outcomes our clients can now enjoy.”

About FortifyData

FortifyData is an industry leader in providing holistic automated cyber risk ratings via a centralized and user-friendly dashboard. FortifyData gives organizations a comprehensive birds eye view of their cyber risk exposure through provisioning comprehensive internal and external technology assessments, compliance-based control measures, and advanced third-party risk management solutions.

For additional details contact: info@fortifydata.com

About Mindaro

With more and more data leaks and breaches disrupting online businesses and triggering financial damages, Mindaro is helping companies boost their resilience. With an experienced team of innovators, IT professionals, and insurance experts, Mindaro is now enabling smooth and straightforward cyber insurance purchases, while also eliminating all associated roadblocks and blind spots.

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About Mindaro

Mindaro is a digital insurance agency, adding the crucial piece of the cyber security puzzle that protects organizations from the financial ramifications of cyber attacks. Mindaro’s mission is to provide value to customers by lowering cyber exposure by partnering with A-rated underwriters and cyber security experts to close the gap between technological and financial protection. In mere minutes, Mindaro customers can get a bindable quote and generate a policy for cyber liability insurance at www.mindaro.com.

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