MindVue Announces Strategic Alliance with CD2 Learning

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Driving measurement of mindset skills and predictive learning

Kansas City, MO (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2020

MindVue,  a human capital firm dedicated to measuring and building mindset skills, has partnered with CD2 Learning, a digital technology company serving the eLearning and training industries, to create a cutting-edge platform that will help any organization unlock the potential within individuals and teams.

Using a scientifically-validated psychometric assessment and state-of-the-art learning solutions, MindVue (www.MindVue.com), formerly Intrinsic Institute, specializes in the evaluation, analysis, and development of mindset skills to optimize performance and enhance mental wellness.   MindVue’s mobile-friendly platform builds mindset skills that have been shown through research to predict workplace performance, leadership success, academic and sports performance, and many other life outcomes.

“The strength of our mindset skills is not only predictive of performance, but building these skills can be protective against the stress and adversity we are facing today,” said Dr. Brian Davidson, founder and President of MindVue.  “By partnering with CD2 Learning to create a platform that can measure and build mindset skills, we can optimize performance and improve mental wellness for millions of people throughout the world.”

Jay Breeden, President of CD2 Learning explains, “MindVue’s online solution is particularly timely and suited for today’s environment. Among the mindset skills measured are adaptability and resilience, which are critical to personal and professional fulfillment. Administrators can access measurements/results of these assessed skills, along with eleven others, to more deeply understand their team at an individual and collective level. Through predictive learning algorithms, users are given personalized content, including engaging activities, to improve their skills. This is all done online, with access anywhere and at any time on a mobile device or computer, which is incredibly important in supporting our teams whether at home, in the office, or on the road.”

The MindVue platform is scheduled to be available in September 2020.

About MindVue

Founded in 2015, MindVue optimizes performance and improves mental wellness through a learning experience platform that measures and builds mindset skills.  In knowing “what can be measured, can be managed”, MindVue utilizes cutting-edge technology, metrics, and learning solutions to support organizations worldwide – ultimately igniting the greatness within individuals and teams.

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About CD2 Learning

CD2 Learning, a Nelnet company, is a complete, cloud based learning architecture. We provide an adaptive and configurable platform to deliver engaging content in a new, innovative way. Using our tools, you can develop a comprehensive and cohesive organizational strategy centered on providing flexible training. Employ coaching and mentoring tools to drive progress to meet team and organizational goals while enhancing individual careers. Organizations can select from a combination of easy to use technology offerings to create a unique system that scales to any size for onboarding, collaboration, educating internal or external customers and more.

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