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Misraj software-house established with a goal to enhance the quality of life through innovative solutions.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (PRUnderground) June 23rd, 2020

Innovation and digital transformation has turned into one of the most frequently used words during meetings and in boardrooms around the world. They have become synonymous with finding solutions to unmet challenges and ever-changing market demands. Saudi Arabia’s leadership has been quick to realize and embrace this global movement and has been lately implementing it across different sectors from healthcare, infrastructural developments, education, to financing, and governmental online portals. Amidst of it, or as they say in the heart of the desert, a promising powerhouse for innovation and technology emerges. Misraj (https://misraj.sa) was initially developed as a research project for a young passionate visionary named Safwan AlModhayan. Seeing the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims pouring into the city of Mecca, he sought a way to help them with fintech solutions to simplify their challenge. Now Misraj is paving the way to turn the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia into an innovative hub for commercially-viable intellectual property and an exporting factory for digital products, technologies, and capabilities.

Misraj established with a goal to enhance the quality of life through innovative solutions. As the need for technological and digital transformation grew around the country, Misraj started investing in ventures to encourage the growth of local talents and capabilities and help produce quality products preparing them for the market. Because they believe in the power of crowds and the importance of collaboration to facilitate growth, they have invested in fields that utilizes crowdsourcing and helped develop crowdfunding platforms. Amongst the pool of their ventures, we see their strong belief in communication and information exchange through their investment with (Tsaol) A collaborative community to share knowledge. They don’t stop there, Misraj’s ventures also include a fleet management system powered by machine learning. Over the years, it has grown to serve governmental sectors, non-profits, and private organizations offering innovative solutions in different fields. Their collaborations and emphasis on user experience is what sets them apart from similar tech startups around the region; each solution is tailored after careful consideration of experiences and user behavior. When asked about this aspect, Co-founder Zainab Alsowaigh would say tech is never a universal solution. She would insist that each innovation brings with it a diversity of experiences and therefore generate outcomes that affect users differently. For that Misraj is constantly developing approaches and methods to make experiences impactful as much as possible; with their strong belief in the potential of experience to impact and shape behavior, one can clearly see them expanding to the global market; through turn the Eastern Region in Saudi Arabia into a hub for exporting intellectual innovations and talents.

With the rise of technology-driven projects, and as the MENA seems to reduce its dependency of petro-chemical based revenues, establishments like Misraj is needed more than ever to help bridge the gap between technology giants dominating the market and smaller-scale tech startup leveraging the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchains. and AI transformation that supports vision 2030.

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