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Mitra Ferdows Gives Speech on Improving Customer Relationship Management and Company Performance Through Social Media Marketing

Industry: Consulting

Startup activist and mentor, Mitra Ferdows reiterated the importance of integration of CRM and Social Media Marketing for the ultimate success of a company.

Dubai, UAE (PRUnderground) December 4th, 2020

Startup activist and mentor, Mitra Ferdows said at a conference in Dubai, that in today’s competitive world, the customer has a key and fundamental role in maintaining the position and survival of organization.

Mitra Ferdows is a business management graduate with a law concentration from Loyola Marymount University in the United States and is one of the outstanding activists supporting startups and during this conference, she gave a speech on the role of CRM integration with social media marketing in success of a company.

“Customer relationship management helps organizations to establish effective communication with customers. This concept is a business strategy combined with technology to effectively manage the entire customer life cycle. On the other hand, the significant growth of social media has drawn the attention of organizations to this issue. Social media, as the most important communication tools of cyberspace in recent years, has influenced the world of business and marketing. Statistics show that among the various methods of online marketing, the use of different types of social media has been increasing in recent years.Mitra Ferdows said during her speech.

“Social CRM is a new concept in the customer relationship approach whose philosophy is to use the potential of social media in order to maximize customer acquisition and retain existing customers. This concept is a new strategy and approach to combine online customer relationship, social networks and traditional customer relationship management system.” Mitra Ferdows added.

The difference between traditional and social customer relationship management is that the role of social presence management in social customer relationship management is an active and vital role. This department manages the brand’s social presence in social media and manages and executes customer interactions. Another fundamental change that can be seen in social customer relationship management is the two parts of customer experiences and customer fans. In customer relationship management, traditionally, the customer has a role without participation and communication, but in the social type, this concept has changed completely and plays a central role in how an organization operates. Instead of marketing and sending a message to the customer, the organization Solves business problems, talks and participates with the customer.

Among the capabilities of social customer relationship management can be the development of sustainable customer relationships, the ability to link the customer through a combination of interactive and dynamic customer relationship management technologies, e-marketing, developing customer relationship programs urgently in times. Ferdows noted the need and flexibility of these programs, and the use of social media to establish and invest in strategic organizational resources.

“On the other hand it has been shown that information technology has long been recognized as an important part of the CRM process. Many of the technologies described in CRM lead to the processing of information between vendors and customers (email, interactive voice response systems, sales force automation, and traffic analysis and customer database marketing), thus integrating communication systems with Customers, along with social media technology and using them to increase the quality and quantity of customer interaction, can interact with sales forces, insert and process their information, and provide better solutions to understand the needs and wants of customers. Therefore, it can be said that the acceptance of social networks will improve the effective management of social customer relations.” Mitra Ferdows said.

Mitra Ferdows concluded by saying that social networks have also become a powerful force in shaping the business aspects because it strengthens word-of-mouth marketing and quickly influences people’s purchasing decisions, and no doubt advertising in this Networks provide many opportunities for business owners. Given the above, it is important to examine the possibility of improving the ability to communicate with the customer and the company’s performance through social media marketing.

About Mitra Ferdows

Mitra Ferdows is a business management graduate with a law concentration from Loyola Marymount University in the United States and is one of the outstanding activists supporting startups. Mitra Ferdows is also an advisor in many startup companies that are usually based on risky ideas, and their business models need robust strategic planning.

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