Mixtroz App Upgrades Enhance Functionality and Aesthetics, Meeting Customer and User Demands

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Enhancements to Mobile Event App for Networking and Team Building Benefit Both Event Organizers and Attendees With Enhanced Technology and Usability

Birmingham, AL (PRUnderground) July 31st, 2019

Mixtroz, a fast-growing tech software company launches significant improvements to its mobile event app for networking, team building, and event engagement with several in-app software upgrades. After closing a $1M+ pre-seed round of funding and to meet the rising demand for its product, Mixtroz has invested in updating its software to reflect the latest in technology, aesthetics, functionality, and usability. The new functions of the Mixtroz app benefit both attendees using the app and their event hosts.  A noticeably sleek and attractive design enhances user-experience and leads attendees from their phone to seamless face-to-face connections at events.

“We are really excited to continue to elevate our product to the next level by implementing the developments that our customers have been asking for,” says Ashlee Ammons, co-founder and president of Mixtroz. “This major update makes our platform state-of-the-art in design and functionality, on par with the biggest social media platforms people use every day.”

As the Social Technology Sponsor of industry event, BizBash D.C., Mixtroz will debut their updated app with key decision-makers from the most innovative, and trusted, brands in the world.

New features benefiting event organizers include:

  • Custom Theme Colors: Brand colors will enhance the organizer’s presence in the app.
  • Expanded Questions Library: The question library has been expanded and are now categorized by event type making setting up your event even easier.
  • Virtual Event Setup: Organizers can purchase and autonomously set up an event mix without the support of a Mixtroz team member, if desired.

“These new features have transformed us into a true Software as a Service (SaaS) company,” adds Ammons. “We’re thrilled to be on this new platform, which will allow us to iterate and update rapidly to meet our ever evolving customer needs.”

The new platform will also enable the timely introduction of additional in-app user features such as:

  • Say Hello Again: Attendees can access information from past events and easily connect with people they have previously met by re-engaging with them directly through the app.  Seeing them the way they saw them when they first met.
  • Group-Specific Data: Group members can now kick off the conversation by viewing visualized data in-app which reveals the reasons why they were matched in a particular grouping.
  • Direct Social Connection: No need to exchange business cards at the event. Simply connect with group members directly through the app after their face-to-face encounters which amplifies your connection from the start.

“These new features will create truly meaningful connections through a full-circle experience, closing the event loop from digital to in person back to digital,” comments Ammons. “The process increases the humanity of today’s digital interactions and that is what we intended to do from day one with Mixtroz.”

About Mixtroz

Currently headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., and founded in 2015 by mother-daughter duo Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons, Mixtroz is a tech startup that creates community anywhere 50 or more people are gathered using the power of technology coupled with face-to-face engagement. Learn more about the company, its founders, and watch how Mixtroz works here.


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