Mobile Gaming Redefined: How Trent Arant, Founder of VanLife Gaming is Ushering in a New Era of Off-Grid Innovation

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The 28-year-old YouTube Creator and Twitch Gamer “TTTHEFINEPRINTTT” is Leveraging the Power of Cutting-Edge Technology While Living Off-Grid

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) July 12th, 2022

In the past few years the concept of living “off-grid” in converted vans or “van life” has become increasingly popular as millennials ditch their expensive apartments for a minimalistic and nomadic life on the road. Influencers from every corner of the nation have hopped on this trend — but none have done it quite like Trent Arant. Trent Arant is a 28-year-old You- Tube Creator, Twitch Gamer, film creator, and dog dad, better known as his handle “TTTHE- FINEPRINTTT”, who took two very different lifestyles to coin his own niche: Vanlife Gaming.

This may sound contradictory because it is — how can one truly live “off-grid” but simultaneously be an avid gamer? Doesn’t that require a strong WiFi signal? True, but TTTHEFINEPRINTTT is no average gamer. In 2019 after dealing with personal hardships, he decided to ditch the confines of Atlanta, Georgia, and see the nation with his dog Millie. As a film creator and renowned gamer, he knew he had to find an innovative solution to solving the internet is- sues at hand.

As a result, TTTHEFINEPRINTTT purchased a brand new cargo van, designing and remodeling it into what is now his home. Equipped with solar panels on the hood of the vehicle, a top-of- the-line gaming system, a full kitchen, bedroom, toilet, shower, and dog bed, his newly con- verted van is nothing short of brilliance and innovation.

These solar panels generate enough power to equip TTTHEFINEPRINTTT with hours upon hours of gaming, as well as powering the lights and electronics within his van. Not only this, but he grabbed the most cutting-edge technology produced by SpaceX to equip him with the power to game any time, anywhere. TTTHEFINEPRINTTT captivated the eyes and hearts of his followers on an exclusive video tour of his cutting-edge van, walking through the entire setup from start to finish.

From sandy beaches to the highest mountains, abandoned deserts, and everywhere in be- tween, TTTHEFINEPRINTTT leverages the Starlink to produce high-speed, low-latency broad-band internet in remote and rural locations across the globe. Documenting his travels and rural gaming experiences, TTTHEFINEPRINTTT has cultivated a dedicated following, catching the attention of gamers, media, and even Elon Musk.

In his latest video, TTTHEFINEPRINTTT gives his followers a behind the scenes look into what his off grid live streaming setup looks like as he prepares to live stream a horror game in the middle of national forest.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to living a one-of-a-kind lifestyle to the fullest; TTTHEFINEPRINTTT purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

To learn more about Trent Arant (TTTHEFINEPRINTTT), please visit: c/TTTHEFINEPRINTTT







Trent Arant (TTTHEFINEPRINTTT) is a 28-year-old content creator, gamer, Twitch and YouTube star, a professional videographer, and nomad living off-grid in a converted cargo van with his dog Millie. After going through a rough time in 2019, Trent decided to try out the full-time van life, seeking adventure, passion, and purpose. Originally from Augusta, Georgia, Trent hit the road to experience everything this beautiful country has to offer — and the experience was nothing less than transformative. Now in 2022, Trent is changing the face of the van-life trend with authenticity, innovation, and his own personal twist.

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