Mobile Patrol Security Service: The Pinnacle Of Safety – Elaborates the 2023 ThreeBestRated® Security Service, Ottawa

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Ottawa, Ontario (PRUnderground) March 1st, 2023

Gone are the days when having a security system was considered extravagance and wastefulness and the cost of the security system had skyrocketed, but this age, thanks to the advancement in technology, makes it imperative and affordable. This thus has paved the way for the next level of security systems.

Mobile Patrol Security – Some of you may be unfamiliar with the term. But Yes… It marks a new milestone in recent years! It has been helping many people by providing great security in many ways. It is much more beneficial than hiring full-time security guards. Knowing the benefits of mobile patrol security, many homeowners, property owners, and companies have started utilizing it. And, if you still don’t get it, we have our experts from Shield Security Services to share some words with you.

Benefits Of Mobile Patrol Security Services:

Mobile patrol security services are a type of service, where security guards patrol a designated area, either on foot or in a vehicle depending on the site. It is not just driving or walking past your property or monitoring the security system. Therefore, it provides a bit of extra security to your home or properties.

Some of the benefits of mobile patrol security services are:

  • Increasing visibility of the guard: Mobile patrols provide a visible presence that deters criminal activity and makes people feel safer in those areas while reducing liability for property owners and managers.
  • Cost-effectiveness for the clients: Mobile patrols allow efficient coverage of large or sparsely populated areas, making them cost-effective compared to stationary or full-time guards.
  • Adaptability according to the situation: Mobile patrols can be adjusted or re-routed as needed to meet changing security needs. It even provides after-hours security services.
  • Quick response: Mobile patrols can quickly respond to emergencies, reducing the time it takes to respond to incidents. Also, the guards will be physically more active and mentally more responsive – which is an additional benefit.
  • Proactive protection: Regular mobile patrols serve as a proactive measure, helping to identify and address potential security issues before they escalate – explains the firm.

It is foolish to wait until you lose your property, or someone robs/loots your home to install a proper security system. So, without delaying further join hands with Shield Security Services here to protect your properties.

All About Shield Security Services:

Shield Security Services is owned and operated by Jonathan Murray who has 20 years of experience in the security service industry. He has a well-trained and fully committed team to guarantee the utmost level of safety and security for everyone, from the wealthy to those in need. “We are proud of our security service for its inclusiveness, offering protection to all individuals without discrimination.” – says the firm.

The firm takes pride in preserving lives and promoting peace of mind in daily activities. Their exceptional and timely security service and dedication are what set them apart from their competition and also take them on ThreeBestRated® for the subsequent sixth time to be ranked as a top security guard company in Ottawa, ON.

“We do this by training and hiring professional personnel, continuously enhancing their skills, treating both our staff and clients with respect and care, and recognizing that satisfied personnel directly lead to satisfied clients”.

You can expect security services for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, special events, mobile patrols, move-in/out services, investigative services, and so on.

On winning the award, the firm applauds, “ThreeBestRated® enhances the visibility and credibility of Shield Security Services. And, this recognition is achieved through a comprehensive 50-Points Inspection criteria that consider various aspects of a business allowing the clients to make informed choices”.

About ThreeBestRated®

ThreeBestRated® was created in 2014 with the simple goal of finding the top 3 local businesses, professionals, restaurants, health care providers, and everything in-between, in any city. Every business is meticulously handpicked by our employees. We check business’s reputation, history, complaints, ratings, proximity, satisfaction, trust, cost, general excellence, reviews, and more, using our 50-Point Inspection. We only display businesses that are verified by our employees. Other places will call this “hard work” and “unnecessary”. We call it “due diligence” and “the right thing to do”. Our website is updated on a regular basis for quality and the latest business information.

ThreeBestRated® has the honor of helping 4.5 million customers every month find the best businesses in any city – without any effort!

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