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Monowear’s MonoCharge Kickstarter Provides Early Access to Stylish Wireless Charger

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Monowear, today announced that it has officially launched its Kickstarter plans for MonoCharge, a wireless charging base that works with both the Apple Watch and iPhone.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) July 13th, 2016

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Wireless Apple Charger Base

Monowear, a leading provider of high-end Apple Watch accessories, today announced that it has officially launched its Kickstarter plans for MonoCharge as of July 13, a wireless charging base that works with both the Apple Watch and iPhone. With a unique contoured design and modular configurations, MonoCharge is both stylish and functional, capable of being everything from an elegant dual-charging hub to a display stand for an Apple Watch while it charges. Backer rewards include early access to a complete production MonoCharge bundle as well as watch chargers, phone chargers, and phone case/phone charger bundles.

“Following our very successful 2015 Kickstarter for Monowear’s Apple Watch watch bands, we’re very excited to launch our MonoCharge Kickstarter,” says Jay Samson, PR Manager at Monowear. “Our initial feedback on MonoCharge is extremely positive, and this campaign allows us to give early access to production models of this very unique product.”

MonoCharge was designed to give Apple users the freedom of wireless charging, delivering a seamless experience with a modern design that blends into any environment. Similar to the elegant aesthetic sensibilities of Monowear’s Apple Watch bands, MonoCharge combines modern style with classic looks, all while maximizing wireless charging capabilities. MonoCharge is also the industry’s first wireless charger to support the Apple Watch.

The MonoCharge charging hub is capable of handling simultaneous iPhone and Apple Watch charging. Built with two wedge pieces, this design allows for multiple modular configurations depending on the user’s needs. In addition to its functionality, its modern aesthetic and striking-yet-neutral color scheme allows it to blend into nearly any environment: at the office, in a home, even as a bedroom nightstand display for the Apple Watch. This modular configuration was designed to be future-proof, creating a platform for future MonoCharge updates that keep up with technology’s rapidly changing pace.

MonoCharge’s specifications include:

●      Size: 5 ½”x4″x1 ⅜”

●      Weight: Approximately 16oz (combined wedges)

●      Battery Capacity: 6700mAh (2-3x phone charge or 20x watch charge)

●      Configuration: Modular for customized setup

This is your full release. MUST be 200-500 words with no more than 1 link per 100 words. Avoid lists or fragmented text as they are “Our premium backers will get exclusive early-bird access to MonoCharge. We hope that they set it up and think ‘This is great’ after using MonoCharge the first time. But following that, we hope it simply becomes a great piece of technology that blends into the background,” says Samson. “At Monowear, our philosophy is that great design is invisible and great functionality is simple.”

Monowear’s Kickstarter campaign for MonoCharge launched on Wednesday, July 13 and lasts for 30 days. You can follow the campign on Kickstarter. For more information and the latest updates, visit or follow Monowear on Twitter @monoweardesign.

About Monowear Design

Founded in 2015, Monowear is a leader in high-quality accessories for Apple mobile devices. Best known for their successful line of high-end Apple Watch watchbands, Monowear strives to bring modern design sensibilities while maximizing the functionality for Apple mobile devices. MonoCharge is its second Kickstarter campaign. For more information, visit

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