More Popular Than Ever Before – EVs Are All The Rage, According to CarBuzz

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Is the electric-car trend one that will stick?

New York, NY (PRUnderground) August 9th, 2021

The advancing tide of alternative energy has shaken up the automotive industry. There are more electric cars and hybrid-assisted vehicles than ever before, and many are being marketed with reasonable price tags to make this technology accessible to all. But what does that mean for the cars of the future? Are we going to lose out entirely on traditional combustion engines and the glorious raucous soundtracks of our favorite V8s? 

Times are changing

A recent report from Automotive News indicates that overall vehicle registrations increased by 36% for the first quarter of 2021. But where the previous period showed only 1.6% of these registrations credited to electric cars, the latest figures note an increase to 2.3%. This means that despite a global pandemic, new car sales continued to grow – and, of these sales, a larger portion than ever before was for cars with electric assistance. Does this mean that while we were locked indoors trying to survive the COVID-19 crisis, those who considered buying a new car spent the time actively considering the benefits of green cars? 

Going green

Naturally, automakers like Tesla retain a huge market share in terms of electric cars sold – the US carmaker is known for its EVs that provide incredible performance and lengthy all-electric ranges. EVs are often touted as the ultimate in green car technology, but that shouldn’t detract from the importance of plug-in and hybrid cars which, for all intents and purposes, bridge the gap between regular gasoline-powered vehicles and the all-electric future. If you wanted to get a foot in the door in the transition from fossil fuels to electricity, a hybrid or PHEV is a good way to go about it.

Progress is not just for the nerds

A common misconception about EVs and hybrids is that the technology is complicated and thus reserved for certain types of vehicles. Some may avoid considering one because of being apprehensive about managing one, but the truth is that just as you need to fill up a gas-powered car, ‘filling up’ your EV, hybrid, or PHEV is just as simple – there’s no reason to avoid buying one out of fear of not knowing how to live with it. And, if current trends are anything to go by, the standard car models you’ve been used to seeing, driving, and purchasing will become available with hybrid or all-electric power plants in the future. For example, the Toyota RAV4 you’ve come to know and love can now be had with a hybrid or fully electric motor – this tech is available to Joe Everyman in the flavors you’re used to. 

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