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This article will introduce some of the functions and advantages of HiPEAK fat tire electric bikes to dispel any doubts and attract people even more!

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) May 12th, 2023

Technological development has always been changing people’s way of life, from the telephone to the internet, and then to smartphones and social media, among others. Each technological revolution has brought about tremendous changes, making people’s lives more convenient, fast-paced, diverse, and driving social progress. As a new, environmentally friendly, and healthy means of transportation, electric bicycles are another milestone in technology. HiPEAK is a pioneer and leader in this category.

Some may argue that bicycles have always been environmentally friendly, but deeper thinking reveals that electric bicycles can further optimize this green concept. Imagine that when HiPEAK electric folding bicycles replace smoke-emitting cars and motorcycles without affecting people’s normal travel experience, this may be the truly green transportation for the entire society.

So, what makes HiPEAK stand out among the hundreds and thousands of adult electric bike brands and become people’s best choice. This article will introduce some of the functions and advantages of HiPEAK fat tire electric bikes to dispel any doubts and attract people even more!

Functions and advantages of HiPEAK folding electric bikes

Fast and flexible riding experience

Compared to traditional bikes, HiPEAK electric bikes with advanced motor and battery technology can give people a fast feeling, with a top speed of up to 25 miles per hour. Even high speed riding, HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS can still remain quiet.

In addition, people can also enjoy the benefits of the foldable design and compact size of HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS. With just a few seconds, the electric bicycles can be folded up and easily tucked into the car trunk or brought to the office. Furthermore, their lightweight frame allows people to ride in and out of bike lanes and maneuver through car-free paths.

Improving health

For many people, riding a bike is not only for leisure, but also to improve their health. However, in modern society, too many people lead a sedentary lifestyle, and after sitting in front of a computer all day, it’s hard to have the energy for boring and heavy exercise.

HiPEAK foldable electric bicycles can make this exercise easy and fun. When people have a HiPEAK BONA or ELIAS, the 7-level pedal assist function can allow riders to adjust the assistance level according to their physical condition. By simply riding for 30 minutes every day (including commuting), people’s leg muscles and endurance will be enhanced, and their overall health will improve. This healthy joy cannot be bought with any amount of money.

Saving resources and expenses

Every HiPEAK electric fat tire bike is manufactured with the most advanced and efficient technology at HiPEAK’s own factory, which can save a lot of natural resources compared to electric cars.

As drivers know, when they use a car, especially considering factors such as rising international energy prices and domestic inflation, they have to face high bills every month. Roughly speaking, the average American spends more than $400 a month on gasoline, which is 10 times the cost of using an electric bike. This means that if you use a HiPEAK fat tire electric bike, you can save at least $360 a month on gasoline expenses, not to mention the parking fees for cars.

What’s more important is that every HiPEAK folding electric bike does not emit any harmful gases during operation, which is why HiPEAK has made a huge contribution to the green revolution.

The specialties of HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS

HiPEAK has been working in the field of electric bikes for 15 years, manufacturing over a million electric bikes. Here are some special features of the HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS compared to other folding electric bike brands, which are important reasons why people choose them:

High-power motor: Most of the electric folding bikes on the market have motor power of 500W or less, while the HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS have an amazing 750W. Combined with their 20″ X 4″ fat tires, they are not only suitable for city roads, but also for hills, snow, and beaches.

Large-capacity battery: It is a fairly certain fact that more than 90% of folding electric bikes are equipped with batteries at 48V, 12Ah or less. Even top-tier brands like RadPower RadExpand 5 have a battery capacity of only 48V, 14Ah. However, the HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS have a battery capacity of 48V, 15Ah, which gives them a range of up to 60 miles.

Load capacity: The maximum load capacity of the HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS is 350 pounds, making it difficult to find a folding electric bike with a larger load capacity. The most direct benefit of this is that fat tire electric bikes can replace more car functions, such as running errands and deliveries.


After a detail understanding of the features and quality of HiPEAK folding electric bikes, and considering that it is now a good season for outdoor cycling, it’s time to buy an electric bike for yourself. Fortunately, HiPEAK has always adhered to the manufacturer direct sales model, which eliminates many middlemen and can provide the most cost-effective electric fat tire bikes for each user. In addition to providing high-quality products, HiPEAK also provides users with the most professional after-sales service. If you encounter any problems, you can seek help from HiPEAK’s official 24-hour customer service.

Many people are already eagerly waiting for the right time to purchase HiPEAK BONA and ELIAS. But now, people don’t have to go to nearby stores in person. They can directly order through HiPEAK’s official website and have someone deliver the fat tire electric bike to their doorstep, effectively saving them money and time. Finally, you, your health, animals harmed by car exhaust, and the environment will all be happy and proud of the wise decision you made!


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