Motivational Speaker – Faisal Sajwani aims to set an example for the youth

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A vision to make a powerful impact and lasting impression in the society of the UAE.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRUnderground) September 29th, 2019

Very early on in life, Faisal Sajwani understood the rising importance of volunteering and helping people realize their purpose and dreams. He began shrewdly observing human behavior patterns, their action and response to any given situation. Based off that, he established many theories and hypothesis that has essentially aided him in helping people from all walks of life. The fact that he has traveled worldwide, visited a plethora of cities, observed different cultures and people of various ethnicities has also contributed to shaping his passion to not only motivate people but empower them to realise their full potential and develop their self image.

He strongly believes that everybody should follow their passion and do things that is close to their heart and work towards it. He envisions a confident youth that is not only content with what career path they choose but also feel empowered. He wants to use his experience and intellect to make a positive impact on every individual facing difficulty in looking past their fear. Having said that, Faisal wishes to use his motivational and coaching skills to guide and train individuals to stay focused on the ultimate goal that lies ahead of them.

Faisal Sajwani is a firm believer of hard work and persistence. Furthermore, he stresses on the point that persistence is what makes sure that you are always trying your best and challenging yourself to the limit. It keeps you going no matter how many times you fail until failing becomes no longer an option and most importantly, it helps you understand that every time you fail, you get a step closer to reaching your success.

Moreover, with solid educational backing and invaluable experience, Faisal Sajwani’s clear goal is and always has been to encourage and motivate people who are struggling with defining their goals and guide them to move forward in order to get out of their comfort zone and thrive in every challenging situation with an optimistic mindset.

About Faisal Sajwani

An inspiring Motivational Speaker, Faisal Sajwani is a visionary Emirati who has a strong passion for helping people achieve their goals and reach their full potential. He believes that the mind is a powerful tool. Once set in the right direction, it can be used to achieve anything in life. With his guidance, Faisal Sajwani can help you breakthrough challenges and reach your full potential in order to succeed.

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