Motivational Speaker – Faisal Sajwani: Striving to build an environment where people can thrive and flourish.

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A vision to utilize his experience and insights to make a difference in society.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (PRUnderground) September 24th, 2019

Faisal Sajwani strives to utilize his invaluable experience to create a positive environment in society and help people reach their full potential with the aim to flourish in any given challenging situation. Very early on in life, he came into understanding of the growing importance of motivation, the powerful impact and influence it can have on an individual’s behavior, action and reaction. Hence, this led to the conclusion that the mind plays a vital role in shaping a person’s personality and decision making. Faisal believes that the predominant thoughts influence your attitude on how you perceive things. Having said that, he stresses on guiding the mind with nothing less than positive thoughts and surrounding oneself with people who push you to do and be better as it offers a sense of well-being and inner strength. This leads to the strong belief that the contents of our thoughts may have a positive or negative affect on your life and the decisions we make.

Moreover, his passion to contribute to the community is a testimony to the fact that he imprinted on his parents who were actively involved in a wide array of volunteering work. Thereby, this has instilled a great volunteering spirit in him since a very young age. 

In addition, through motivational speaking and life coaching, he wishes to mentor people and help them in unleashing the power of their mind. As a matter of fact, Faisal reckons that we spend most of our lives ignoring one of the most vital and powerful force in our life: our thoughts. He strongly believes that whatever you desire as a human being can be achieved through mind power. 

What you focus on, you attract – an ardent supporter of this notion, Faisal Sajwani inspires people to look past their limitations, go above and beyond in reaching their dreams no matter what the given situation is. Therefore, being aided with the knowledge, experience and skills that he developed over the years, he wishes to help people in training their conscious mind to extensively stimulate thoughts of growth, success and happiness. Finally, with his deep-rooted passion of helping people and creating a positive change in society, he aims to not only help individuals in realising their full potential but also wishes to set an example for the youth. 

About Faisal Sajwani

An inspiring Motivational Speaker, Faisal Sajwani is a visionary Emirati who has a strong passion for helping people achieve their goals and reach their full potential. He believes that the mind is a powerful tool. Once set in the right direction, it can be used to achieve anything in life. With his guidance, Faisal Sajwani can help you breakthrough challenges and reach your full potential in order to succeed.

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