Motorsport OEM Parts Dealer Giveaway & 5 Reasons To Choose OEM Parts

Industry: Automotive, an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts distributer, is giving away $250 to their site and answers why OEM parts are the best choice

North Carolina (PRUnderground) August 8th, 2019, an online OEM parts distributer, has started taking entries for their summer giveaway for $250 valid towards anything on their site.  One lucky winner in the United States will be chosen on September 19, 2019, just before the offical last day of summer.

No purcase is necessary to enter, and entry into the contest is open to anyone 18 or older, with a shipping address in the United States.

For your chance to win, enter here.  Participants can increase their chances of winning by tweeting or sharing the Facebook post daily., an official OEM parts supplier, is a renound factory-authorized dealer for Polaris, Suzuki, Yamaha and Waverunner replacement parts and accessories. Also on their site is a qualified selection of aftermarket parts and accessories for your motorsport needs.

Offering domestic shipping, expert tech advice and even a price match guarantee, is praised for its timely and professional service.

One frequently asked question regarding OEM parts is “What makes them better than aftermarket parts?”  While the answer isn’t simple, here are five reasons why recommends OEM parts overall:

1) The most obvious, and first explanation you’ll typically hear is that you’ll be getting the same, original part as you’re replacing.  There will be no surprises, and you can know exactly what to expect, without any guessing.

2) More importantly, being an OEM part means you can trust its quality. It’s durability will be at least as great as your original part.  While some aftermarket parts may be available that are higher quality, many are made with cheaper materials to create a cheaper product. With OEM parts, you won’t to be disappointed with performance.

3) With OEM parts, there is often a warranty that covers your part for up to 1 year after you purchased it. Should there be any fault in the product, you can expect a replacement at no cost, as long as it is within the allotted time frame. If having a warranty is an influential factor of your purchasing choice, be sure to contact the supplier to confirm if your part is covered or not.

4) Often overlooked, customer support can play the biggest role in your experience with a purchase. OEM’s will typically have greater customer support, and can usually provide a more satisfying experience for the customer. This is because customer-facing teams have had time to establish efficient service methods more than the newest off-brand company that just popped up.

5) You can expect OEM’s to have their distribution process figured out, as well.  Less experienced shipment centers can experience delays, causing your part to arrive later than promised simply due to lack of experience and organization. Compared to aftermarket parts, you can expet shipment to come from a well-oiled machine with Original Equipment Manufacturers.

There are numerous reasons that OEM parts are more trustworthy. For any of your motorsport needs, head on over to and browse their selection of Yamaha, Suzuki, Waverunner and Polaris parts for any of your motorsport needs.

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