Moulded Swimming Earplugs Can Prevent Swimmers’ Ear

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Wearing moulded swimming earplugs prevents water entering your ears whilst in the water, making swimmers ear much less likely.

UK (PRUnderground) June 11th, 2012

What is swimmers ear?  It is common condition caused by repeated or prolonged immersion in water.  The ear canal and external ear become red, itchy, sore and inflamed, also known as otitis externa.  If swimmers ear worsens it can spread to become a middle ear infection; otitis media.  This causes pain, discharge and can affect hearing permanently.  Swimmers’ ear is caused by water washing away the protective oils and waxes from the skin, which becomes softened and easily damaged.  Detergents, perfumes, chlorine and other chemicals irritate the skin, making it even more itchy and sore.  Dirty fingers and cotton buds damage the surface of the skin (epithelium) and let bacteria in, causing infection.  If you have swimmers’ear or middle ear infection you need to visit your doctor for treatment.

Swimmers’ ear can be prevented by a good pair of swimming earplugs.  If you regularly swim, surf, snorkel, dive, compete in triathlons or even spend a long time in the bath or shower you will reduce your chance of developing swimmers ear by wearing ear plugs for swimming.  Foam earplugs aren’t suitable as they let water in, harbour bacteria and are abrasive on the ear canals.  Moulded earplugs are good at keeping water out and protective waxes in.  They are made from non-porous materials and because they are moulded to the ears they create a seal which stops water entering.  Antibacterial earplugs may help further by killing bacteria in the ear canal.

If you regularly get your ears wet it’s worth spending a bit extra on a pair of molded ear plugs which will protect your ears from swimmers’ear for years to come.

About ZenPlugs

One day in 2009 Dr Toby Bateson was fed up because his rubber stethoscope earpieces had split and fallen off again. In a flash of inspiration whilst in A and E Majors he realised he could make his own from some special plastic he had at home. After work he went out to his shed and gave it a go; it worked first time; in only a few minutes he\\\\\\’d made himself a great pair of earpieces, far more comfortable and long-lasting than his old ones. He could make them any colour he liked, rather than having to put up with boring old grey. It soon became obvious that the same technique could be used to make earplugs and earpieces for electronic audio equipment.

He was so happy with his new earpieces he decided to start a company to develop, manufacture and market his invention. The company started life as VariFone and had it\\\\\\’s name changed to ZenPlugs in 2010.

Based in Truro, Cornwall we source materials, services and expertise locally and export internationally. We pride ourselves on quality, innovation and customer service and hope our customers love what we do as much as we do.

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