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Vaughan, Ontario (PRUnderground) April 8th, 2023

Keeping a track of the health of our body and mind is what is missed by most of the people around the world. This helps us avoid big problems by rectifying them with proper care and treatment when it is minor. Negligence to check health can lead to various problems. On the other hand, We might not be aware of the serious ill effects of some problems and ignore them. One such serious problem is “Mouth Breathing”. The 2023 ThreeBestRated® award-winning orthodontist named Dr. Bruce Tasios — Tasios Orthodontics wants to brief about mouth breathing and its seriousness as he feels it’s his responsibility to educate people about its seriousness. Let us hear from him,

Mouth Breathing

Breathing through the mouth due to congestion in the nasal path is commonly referred to as mouth breathing. It is a temporary practice to breathe smoothly when you are affected by conditions like a cold or allergy until the nose clears. It is completely fine in this case. But practicing mouth breathing in the long term can cause serious ill effects in the body. Enlarged adenoids that are swollen or infected and deviated septum block airways which eventually causes mouth breathing. Some of the bad effects of mouth breathing on the body are listed below,

  • Chronic allergies.
  • Hay fever.
  • Asthma.
  • Chronic stress and anxiety.
  • Lack of energy.
  • Changes in facial structure.
  • Sleep apnea.

It is wise to consult an experienced orthodontist as early as possible. They will get to know about the status of the condition through physical examination. Tests like lip test, water test and mirror test will be conducted in the process. According to the result, The treatment will proceed with medications and even surgeries will be done according to the condition. It can be identified with the symptoms listed below,

  • Dry mouth and bad breath.
  • Drool on pillows.
  • Malocclusion.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Brain fog.
  • Dark circles under eyes.
  • Hoarseness.

The treatments for mouth breathing differ with causes and age of the person, says the orthodontist. Dr. Bruce Tasios — Tasios Orthodontics is a renowned orthodontist in the regions of Vaughan whom you can consult for all your orthodontic-related problems and treatments.

Details Of Dr. Bruce Tasios — Tasios Orthodontics

Dr. Bruce Tasios is known for his attitude of never settling for anything less than perfection. The art and science of orthodontics are at his fingertips which made him pave the pathway to break the 50-Point Inspection and get listed on ThreeBestRated® as he is widely recognized for his excellent result. Unrivaled pursuit of perfection in every aspect of orthodontic care has helped him establish an award-winning orthodontic experience for his clients.

Tasios Orthodontics utilizes the most advanced treatment techniques to minimize discomfort, accelerate treatment, and achieve optimal results. In addition, the use of Itero 3D scanners contributes to the comfort of patients. With two convenient locations in Vaughan and Toronto and evening and weekend appointments, They are always available to accommodate the busy schedules of their clients. The firm practices individualized patient care, interest-free payment plans, and all insurance plans to maximize benefits. They offer free consultations to patients of all ages. To avail of them, Contact

Dr. Bruce Tasios is an expert in dealing with open bite, crowding, excessive spacing, crossbite, overbite, abnormal eruption, dental alignment, bite issues, jaw growth, and speech deficiencies, overjet, underbite, mouth breathing, thumb sucking habit, invisalign & poor alignment.

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