Move My Stuff Launches Online Portal to Take Furniture Delivery to the Next Level

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Launching Max, the first-ever innovative tool for furniture deliveries that is set to redefine the whole landscape of furniture moving industry.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) December 20th, 2019

Move My Stuff is one of the pioneers in the Australian relocation industry and this time, they have proved it right once again with the development of the holistic furniture delivery tool – Max.

Max is an online portal that is developed to simplify the workload of the furniture delivering companies. It provides a host of services within a single portal, one of the top advantages being the real-time pricing of furniture delivering jobs.

There is no proper pricing guide to decide on the exact price of furniture deliveries. It varies widely depending on the amount of the furniture, the size of each furniture, their heaviness, access to and from the pickup and delivery locations and any other additional services required. Therefore, when a customer calls up a furniture delivering company asking for a price estimate, it can be a tricky business. Some companies quote a much lesser rate than the difficulty level involved with the furniture delivery and end up registering a loss.

To avoid such complicated issues in deciding the pricing, Max has come up with a wholesome tool that factors in all of these variables and provides a fair estimate for the job. Max has a complicated algorithm behind this pricing tool that allows the furniture delivering companies to get a price real-time without any complex manual calculations quickly.

Aside from the real-time pricing tool, Max also functions as a wholesome platform for other functions too. The companies can store in their previous jobs, access their details anytime they want, save and access invoices, save the details of the customers and create an online directory for it and do many other jobs with Max.

While technology is taking over many industries, it has sparsely made its mark in the furniture delivery industry. Move My Stuff has taken precedence in this domain and has developed a holistic platform for furniture deliveries that are expected to progress the industry to new levels. Move My Stuff has been leading the innovation in the relocation and delivery industry of Australia.

When asked about the new, innovative developments that Move My Stuff has introduced in the past years, Raj Pahwa, one of the co-founders of the Move My Stuff said, “Innovation is the key to success. Its innovation that brings you to business and keeps you in business”. True to his word, Move My Stuff has been radically transforming the Australian furniture delivering industry and the introduction of the first-ever tool, Max, is an example of that.

About Move my stuff

Move My Stuff was started in the year 2007 as a relocation company in Melbourne. Since then, it has branched extensively and now provides house and office relocation services for people all over Melbourne. They have a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles and storage facilities in and around Melbourne. Move My Stuff also has smart in-house software that helps them with managing their daily workload and provide better service to their customers.

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