Multifamily Real Estate Investor Jerome Myers Organizes First Inaugural Commission Run

Industry: Real Estate

Investing thought leader Jerome Myers to speak at the kick-off event for the first inaugural Commission Run aimed at facilitating networking opportunities for real estate investors and financial services professionals as they drive across three states.

Greensboro, NC (PRUnderground) April 21st, 2022

Multifamily real estate investing guru Jerome Myers has long used his success in investing to facilitate opportunities for others to learn from his knowledge and the experiences of other investors. Through his investing course, podcasts, and one-on-one coaching, Myers has reached aspiring investors from all walks of life. The first inaugural Commission Run presents a unique setting for real estate investors, sales professionals, and financial services providers to learn from one another as they drive from Raleigh, NC, to Atlanta, GA.

Jerome Myers has not always been an expert in multifamily investing. Like many burgeoning investors, he did not fully understand how to be successful when he quit his corporate career to pursue his dreams. Through his struggles to realize his investment goals, Myers learned what it takes and how to overcome obstacles that arise. From these lessons, he developed his intensive Myers Methods course that helps participants learn in less than three months how to make profitable real estate investments and begin building multigenerational wealth.

Commission Run provides individuals with a unique atmosphere to reflect inwardly and share ideas with others. Speaking of the event, Myers said, “Organizing Commission Run was about providing the right space for participants to learn. So often, we fill our lives with noise, which doesn’t allow us to think and internalize our thoughts and feelings or the ideas of others around us. When you spend three days in a car talking about your passions, hopes, and dreams for the future, you become your own best coach and financial advisor. You can truly learn a lot about yourself.”

To complete the Commission Run, participants will depart from Raleigh, NC, on May 31st and arrive in Atlanta, GA, on June 2nd. On the way, they will stop in Charlotte and Asheville, NC, as well as Knoxville, TN, where they will participate in team-building activities such as an escape room, indoor skydiving, and lunch at the Biltmore Estate. Lodging each night will be provided in premium three and four-star hotels.

“After two years of restrictions on gatherings and conventions, Commission Run is a great way to ease back into business gatherings, building relationships, and exploring investment possibilities,” remarked Myers. “In these three days, you can learn how to network as a financial advisor and what it takes to make your dreams and ambitions into your reality.”

Myers plans to speak at the kick-off event in Raleigh and will help facilitate networking throughout the event. To learn more about Jerome Myers’ investment strategies or the Myers Method, visit

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