Multitalented Businessman Marc Illy Uses His Creativity To Inspire

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Marc Illy’s latest music venture "This That Sh*t" — Available Now

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) December 13th, 2018

Marc Illy is more than an artist. He is a songwriter, producer, blogger, social influencer and piano player. His business mindset has set him up to be successful with any venture he chooses to embark on. Whether he’s managing businesses, his social accounts, Youtube channel or writing a track, Marc uses his personal experiences to create ventures that reflect his own passions in life. Along with entrepreneurship, Marc is excited to release his latest single “This That Sh*t”, a song he wrote, produced and performed.

Marc began to find success at an early stage in his music career as a freelance recording engineer around Orange County and Hollywood, CA. It was then that Marc learned to leverage his connections to begin the process of establishing himself as a serial entrepreneur. He opened up a business for Social Media Marketing 7 years ago before anyone else was big in this sector. As the business started to grow and develop, he then decided to start traveling and see the world while building his online business simultaneously.

He had the opportunity to collaborate with Ghost Kasen and several other legendary musicians. Marc was even able to leverage his success at the time to land an opportunity to join Method Man and Redman on tour as part of the opening acts on the “Still High Tour 2008”.

Marc’s overreaching goal in both business and art is to inspire and motivate people. After years of traveling the globe, Marc’s love for exploring developed into a successful online blog. He launched where he documents his travels and experiences.

Marc creates motivational videos to help his audience go after their dreams and is also set to release a book next year. His goals in business also coincide with his music goals. With his latest music release, Marc is ready to take his music to the next level. “This That Sh*t” is beautifully mastered with dope lyrics written by illy himself. A mix of hip-hop, soul, dance, and a little disco. It doesn’t sound like anything out there. It’s one of those songs that will lift your spirits when you’re having a bad day. The song’s feel-good vibe will change your mood and vibration instantly.

“This That Sh*t” is available on all major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud. To keep up with all of Marc Illy’s projects, follow him on InstagramTwitterYoutube and Facebook.

About Marc Illy
Marc Illy is an American entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, blogger, social influencer and piano player. Born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised all around the globe, Marc has lived in Cape Town, South Africa, Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, San Diego, and Boca Raton, FL. After graduating High School he moved to Orange County, CA and eventually to Los Angeles, CA where he now resides. His most memorable performances include performing as the opening act during Method Man’s “Still High Tour” in 2008 and touring around Taiwan for 2 and a half years in 2015. Marc continues to create music and uses his platform to encourage others. You can keep up with Marc on his InstagramYoutube  and Twitter.

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