My Fulfillment Company Discusses the Top 3 Reasons Their Clients Chose to Outsource Order Fulfillment

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The experts at My Fulfillment Company discuss the most popular reasons why their current clients chose to outsource their order fulfillment needs.

Marietta, GA (PRUnderground) March 17th, 2020

The team at My Fulfillment Company works with businesses of all sizes and across all industries to provide numerous order fulfillment services tailored specifically to their needs. Over the years, they have found that their clients choose to outsource order fulfillment and related services for a handful of reasons, including lower costs, better customer service, and inventory management.

Lower Costs

My Fulfillment Company provides a wide range of services that include order processing, shipping, reporting, inventory management, and more. Though their clients pay for the services they provide, they actually save money by making the switch. For example, because shipping costs are often driven by the volume of shipments processed, My Fulfillment Company can ship for less. What’s more, when compared to leasing a warehouse space and paying employees to pick and pack orders, outsourced order fulfillment is far more economical.

Better Customer Service

Many of My Fulfillment Company’s clients found that between trying to expedite orders, manage their inventory, and process returns on their own, they were struggling to provide the quality customer service they intended. They were processing extra returns due to miscounted inventory and understock, and because they were spending so much time on returns, they were struggling to get new orders out the door in a timely manner. It isn’t difficult for small businesses to find themselves in this sort of situation, but it can be difficult to get back on top of things without help. That’s why My Fulfillment Company provides a wide range of services customized to suit their clients’ needs.

Inventory Management

One of the most common problems that inevitably causes businesses to reach out for help with order fulfillment services is a lack of inventory space. Very small businesses can operate from a closet, a spare bedroom, or even a basement, but as things start to take off, they tend to find their growth limited by their space. It is often far more economical to outsource inventory management than to lease a large enough space, and companies that choose to outsource with My Fulfillment Company can expand their inventories at any time – they aren’t held back by their lack of storage.

My Fulfillment Company has helped dozens of businesses in industries like health and beauty, small electronics, and even vitamins and nutritional support save money, improve their customer service, and better manage their inventory. To learn more about how they can help you, contact them today at (888)266-1777 or via email at You can also request a free estimate customized to your company’s needs.

About My Fulfillment Company

My Fulfillment Company is an order management and fulfillment service provider located in Marietta, Georgia. Though they work with businesses of all sizes in all industries, they specialize in the health and beauty, accessories and small electronics, and vitamin and nutritional supplement industries. They provide warehousing, inventory, picking and packing, marketing inserts, kitting and assembly, shipping, returns processing, and much, much more.

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