My Fulfillment Company Provides Supply Chain Management Services for Small Business in eCommerce

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My Fulfillment Company, located in Marietta, Georgia, provides supply chain management services for small ecommerce business owners.

Marietta, GA (PRUnderground) February 19th, 2020

Small business owners venturing out into the wide world of ecommerce often find themselves overwhelmed by the various logistics associated with their success. From sourcing the best possible product manufacturers to the right warehouse space, running an online business can be incredibly time-consuming.

The experts at My Fulfillment Company, located in Marietta, Georgia, can provide personalized supply chain management services for small businesses in a wide variety of industries and niches. Their team handles the logistics, but you still get to make the important decisions and spend your time actually running your business rather than fielding emails and phone calls.

What is Supply Chain Management?

If you think about everything you must do to get a product to a customer, each step in the process is part of the supply chain. For example, when you secure a vendor for a product, this is only one link; securing a shipping provider to move that product from the vendor to your warehouse – or even directly to the customer – is yet another. My Fulfillment Company specializes in building relationships with these various links and building a strong chain that holds your business together from the inside.

For example, if you operate in the small electronics and accessories industry, My Fulfillment Company can provide you with numerous services designed to make things much, much simpler. They can provide you with everything from flexible warehouse space to picking, packing, and shipping based on your terms and budget. Aside from this, they also provide inventory and order reporting, so you always know where your business stands. They even handle returns processing, which can take up a great deal of your time as a small business owner.

The goal is to ensure that your customers receive the best (and fastest) possible service, all while freeing up your time to focus on the more important aspects of running your business. Rather than processing returns and packing orders yourself, you can focus on your marketing campaigns and brainstorming new products to offer.

To learn more about My Fulfillment Company and the various services they provide, visit their website today. They specialize in areas like small electronics and accessories, health and beauty, and vitamin and nutritional support, but they operate in numerous other sectors, as well. For questions, contact the team at (888)266-1777 or email them at

About My Fulfillment Company: My Fulfillment Company is headquartered in Marietta, GA and provides a wide variety of order fulfillment services to small and medium businesses in numerous industries. They specialize in warehousing and order processing, but they can also provide kitting and assembly, product packaging, ecommerce platform integration, and a choice of shipping options – including expedited orders. My Fulfillment Company is a team of ecommerce professionals dedicated to eliminate headaches from your business operations and help you run your business more successfully. For more infromation please visit

About My Fulfillment Company

My Fulfillment Company is an order management and fulfillment service provider located in Marietta, Georgia. Though they work with businesses of all sizes in all industries, they specialize in the health and beauty, accessories and small electronics, and vitamin and nutritional supplement industries. They provide warehousing, inventory, picking and packing, marketing inserts, kitting and assembly, shipping, returns processing, and much, much more.

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