National Business Capital Secures $11 Million to Support Sneaker Retailer’s Entrepreneurial Growth

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Long Island, NY (PRUnderground) September 8th, 2022

National Business Capital, the leading FinTech marketplace offering small business loans and competitive financing options, secured a combined $11 million in capital to support an entrepreneur looking to take their operation to the next level

The client, an apparel wholesaler, supplies major retailers with many of the clothes and shoes you’re wearing today, but they couldn’t purchase their inventory fast enough because of cash flow constraints from expedited growth.

The supply chain issues that have plagued businesses since the pandemic are still evident today. All business owners are having difficulty finding the materials they need to meet the demand of their clients, especially those in retail distribution.

Coming across a vendor for products has become a needle in a haystack situation. Anyone who finds one will have to place an order quickly or risk losing out to another business in their industry, making the ability to access capital extremely important for entrepreneurs staying competitive and winning business.

With growth on the horizon, they needed to access a significant amount of capital to increase their buying power and fulfill the demand of their clients. They reached out to their bank and found that they were growing too fast for their lending capabilities, so they came to National for a financing solution to continue their growth.

National collaborated with their current bank, brought them up to speed, and worked in tandem to secure a separate $7 million revolving line of credit facility, as well as an additional $4 million term loan. Due to the collaboration, the client was able to continue working with their bank, too, which eliminated any potential disruption in their daily operations.

Now, with their new facilities in place, our client is positioned to achieve a new level of buying power. This will help them fulfill the demand of their clients, prevent them from missing out on new revenue opportunities, and, more importantly, support their continued growth in the apparel industry.

National’s team, including CEO Joe Camberato, was instrumental in getting the deal across the finish line. “Financing of this caliber isn’t easy to achieve, especially in the current economic climate. This deal was possible due to years of financing relationships,” says Camberato. “There’s a reason we have 75+ lenders on the platform. It’s not about receiving just any approval; It’s about finding the right lenders to help support your growth.”

“I want to give notable praise to my team. Our years of partnerships with lenders really shine through here, but having a team of seasoned finance professionals to support the transaction was more than a contributing factor in the success as well.” Camberato continues.

At National, we have immense respect for entrepreneurs who succeed despite challenging times. Our client navigated successfully through the pandemic and its respective lockdowns, and they’re now able to grow even further with $11 million in capital.

“Business is built on relationships, and financing relationships are one of the most important in an economy with rapidly changing tides. When you need financing, it’s more important than ever that you work with a team that has the capability to bring in the right lenders at the right time. If we didn’t bring all the right people to the table and work together, this deal would have never happened,” Camerato emphasizes.

National Business Capital helps entrepreneurs secure quick and fair financing to save time and cultivate sustainable growth.

Their stress-free online platform is designed for simplicity and speed, helping business owners go from application to approval in a matter of hours. And while they remain a leader in the Fintech industry, our clients agree it’s our personalized service and award-winning team that sets us apart.

From SBA loans to lines of credit, equipment financing, and more, business owners can access all the different financing programs available to them in one place. Through their streamlined process, they have helped clients secure over $2 billion in financing since 2007, and, more importantly, they’ve helped entrepreneurs save a tremendous amount of time and grow faster.

National has secured $2 billion in competitive financing through 25,000+ transactions since 2007. Their mission of “Driving Growth for All” is evident in all of their work, from their partners and clients to the members of their team. Innovative technology and talented team members combine to create a business financing machine—one that is constantly evolving and looking to improve its client-focused process. Entrepreneurs have a friend, ally, and financing partner in National, regardless of the economic conditions around them.

About National Business Capital

The limits of success should never be defined by the lack of capital. Yet, in a constantly changing financing market, many entrepreneurs struggle to access the capital they depend on to fuel growth and find success. That’s why in 2007, Joe Camberato set out to create a company that lets entrepreneurs reimagine how they access capital.

With National Business Capital, experience a business lending marketplace built for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Discover a time-saving machine that takes approval from months to hours, letting you spend less time chasing capital and more time building your business. Leverage a network of over 75 lending partners to find the right approval for your business and secure capital without compromise. Do it all from an intuitive online platform that centralizes your business lending needs for simpler, streamlined management.

Working with NBC, gain a financing partner for the future, ensuring your business can always access the capital it needs to succeed today and tomorrow.

$2+ Billion Funded. Grow to Greatness.

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