New Book FLOOD YOUR ZONE: NEW Real Estate Agent Roadmap to Winning! releases on Amazon

Industry: Real Estate

Interactive-style workbook full of brainstormers, worksheets, checklists and cheat sheets designed to move agents more quickly towards building a solid business and brand.

Falmouth, ME (PRUnderground) January 19th, 2021

The real estate agent path to winning can be a challenge. This interactive workbook includes brainstormers, checklists and cheat sheets focused on helping agents move more quickly towards building a solid, sustainable, successful business and dominating their unique target market. Topics include building a brand and becoming recognizable, creating printed and digital marketing collateral, building a marketing plan and lead generation machine, becoming a valuable resource, growing a referral network and more!

Everyone pursues a path in real estate for different reasons, with different goals, and looking for different outcomes. Winning means something different for everyone: the freedom of being your own boss, unlimited income potential, flexible schedule to maximize your parenting superpowers! This book focuses on helping agents build the systems to move more quickly on their path towards success and winning.

FLOOD YOUR ZONE: NEW Real Estate Agent Roadmap to Winning
ISBN: 978-1-7364480-0-7

About Christa Kelly, author and experienced real estate agent

Christa Kelly has been in both real estate and marketing for over 25 years. She’s been a real estate agent for the past 17 years, and also has lots of experience in landlording, property management, small business development and loves DIY and rehabbing in her spare time. Christa attributes her broad experience spanning multiple industries, plus her passion for real estate that started at the age of 23 to being able to help other real estate agents build a more solid, sustainable business and achieve the wins they desire.

About Flood Your Zone

Book and resources helping real estate agent entrepreneurs to take control of and dominate their unique target markets. New book ”FLOOD YOUR ZONE: NEW Real Estate Agent Roadmap to Winning! available January 2021. Building a solid business foundation, creating a winning brand, defining a unique target market, designing marketing collateral, building a lead generation machine and marketing plan, more.

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