New E-Commerce Marketplace Launches For Retailers In The US & Caribbean

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Orlando, FL (PRUnderground) June 29th, 2020 is launching, a start-up minority-owned e-commerce marketplace designed to provide small and mid-sized businesses in the US and Caribbean the opportunity to showcase their unique retail offerings to potentially millions of shoppers.

Jude Plaisir, Founder, says, this is a mission-driven venture. “What we are doing is leveraging technology in order to create economic growth for businesses in the US and especially around the Caribbean.”

He also says the timing is important. “COVID-19 has shown the disadvantage Caribbean businesses are under by not having the tools to effectively sell online. Bluejestic wants to level the playing field.”

Plaisir adds that COVID-19 makes now the best time for sellers to get started with “We’re offering 6 months free right now, with zero commissions to sellers who see the benefits of joining us.”

Bluejestic offers sellers unlimited product listings, inventory management, orders, and shipping management for a low 10% commission fee when an item is sold. Under Bluejestic’s model, each seller can manage his or her own store.

Plaisir says the idea originated from his own personal life. “I’m from the Caribbean. As I was travelling throughout the region I saw the need to have an open marketplace like Amazon,” he says. “This would be specifically to address some of the challenges people in the Caribbean, as well as other minorities, are having in the e-commerce world.”

He says the challenges lie in the lack of effective methods to target the right audience. “There was nothing that really spoke to the Caribbean or Black-owned business owners or shoppers trying to find our products.”

Plaisir, whose professional background is in information technology, built most of the infrastructure for He says it’s important to offer a technological pathway to Caribbean users who would otherwise face roadblocks in that regard.

Mari Espinal, Co-founder of Bluejestic, says the platform is extremely user-friendly. “Sellers can upload their products and manage their inventory at the same time.”

In the future, Espinal envisions expansion and specialization. “We’re planning on location-specific sub-domains featuring sellers from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Haiti, Trinidad, and Guyana,” she says.

Espinal says, “This is a win-win situation because we’re promoting sellers’ products across a broad spectrum, not only in their town, but also nationally and internationally.”

Additional future plans include establishing fulfillment sites and forging partnerships with shippers who can offer competitive rates that will benefit both the sellers and the buyers. “We’re talking about having business agents physically on the ground in the country of origin, speaking the language, and aiding sellers in launching their businesses,” she says.

Kickstart your business, go to and get started today.

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