New Irish Tea Brand trusTEA Debut Unique Premium Blends Available in Irish Shops & Globally Online

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Tea drinking is certainly a passion and quality means a great deal. Irish Tea Brand trusTEA are answering the call with the launch of their new premium tea blends.

Dublin, Ireland (PRUnderground) September 19th, 2018

A refreshing cup of tea can certainly brighten a day, midday or night, depending on the blend indulged in. The trick is finding a quality brand, rather than just the run-of-the-middle “normal” tea many people are sometimes forced to resort to. The good news is a new Irish Tea brand has opened its door trusTEA, a project by a family of two passionate tea lovers with a young child from Dublin, overflowing with passion and devotion to the cause of making premium-quality, delicious, and unique blends of teas for both the Irish market and across the world through their very easy to navigate website. Currently, trusTEA is available across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland at Lidl stores, with more news in this area expected soon. Their most popular selection, so far, is a special herbal tea blend from trusTEA, ‘Four Thieves Tea’, a handcrafted blend, inspired by the legendary ‘Four Thieves’ story, made up of a mix of four herbs, Sage, Thyme, Lavender and Rosemary, and winning rave reviews online and off.

“We are beyond excited to see our launch and the incredible reception that our tea blends are receiving,” commented trusTEA’s founder. “From being in Lidl to all of the love we are getting in online orders it’s a real dream come true. We are a family of tea lovers and now with trusTEA we can share that passion with the world.”

The ‘Four Thieves’ story, where the tea takes its name, is an epic one. Legend says that in the 17th century during the plague epidemic in the city of Toulouse, France, four thieves looted the dead bodies of the diseased and to be careful to not infect themselves, they invented a natural safeguard to avoid catching the plague while robbing. Finally they were arrested and at first sentenced to death, but in the end, they were offered freedom in exchange to disclose how they managed to avoid becoming infected. The thieves revealed they had discovered that when they soaked sage, thyme, rosemary, and lavender, made a special cream of it and placed it on their skin they remained safe. Since that time people have made elixirs, vinegar, and oils in their kitchen using these four very healthy herb leaves, even selling them around the world today as Four Thieves Oils, Vinegars, and tea from oil drops.

trusTEA is the first one in the World that developed a herbal tea with these real herbs.

In addition to the massively in-demand ‘Four Thieves Tea’, other trusTEA favorites include ‘Morning Delight’ (black tea with vanilla flavor) and ‘Green Harmony’ (green tea with strawberry flavor). The goal of the company is to quickly have ten plus specialty tea blends covering all aspects of “tea life”, to deliver their growing customer-base a tea to meet nearly any tea-appropriate situation.

The herbal teas are equally delicious both hot or cold and come as loose leaves. Enough tea leaves are in each package to make 30 hot cups of three liters of cold tea at a very attractive price point of just €3.49.

For customers who choose to order online shipping is quick and simple.

Early feedback from customers has been wildly positive.

Elaine S., from Cork, recently said in a five-star review, “I absolutely adore trusTEA’s line of teas especially the ‘Four Thieves’ blend. It really is an amazing quality tea and I am very much a tea aficionado. To make things even more satisfying, for me at least, is that there’s no tea bags so that means there’s no unnecessary waste. What could be better?”

Expect trusTEA to continue to grow, with their dedication to quality, customer service and passion for tea a nearly unstoppable recipe for success.

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About trusTEA

TrusTEA is an Irish business founded 2018, by two enthusiastic tea lovers, a young family from Dublin parents of a seven-year-old daughter, who started developing and mixing new specialty tea blends. We are tea lovers and while studying and travelling were drinking teas from all over the World, so decided to bring new tea blends to the Irish market, to make our own tea brand… so we named our brand trusTEA, “The One You Can Trust”.

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