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Eurasia is standing on the threshold of the new era from the viewpoint of trade and logistics relations.

Tallin, Estonia (PRUnderground) December 8th, 2019

Eurasia is standing on the threshold of the new era from the viewpoint of trade relations. Both governments and private entities understand the importance and perspectives of transport and logistics infrastructure developing all over the continent.

For about 16 centuries the Silk Way was connecting Europe, Asia and even East Africa being the largest network of trade routes in the world. At present time the ideas of the Silk Way reconstruction are the basis for trading globalization processes and strengthening links between two parts of the continent.

On the other hand, freight traffic industry faces to numerous problems that are connected with nonconformity on various stages of a cargo shipping. Companies follow the principle ‘Every man for himself’ protecting just their own interests.

But… The situation is going to be changed completely. Silk Way logistics platform may unite all participants of cargo transportation market within the Eurasia continent. More than 200 000 members will obtain the ability to get necessary information instantly, make deals and sign new contracts. That is just a tiny part of the platform functionality.

The project looks like a digital version of the Silk Way opening unlimited perspectives for the market. Taking into account the region logistics and trade potentials, the platform claims to make a real revolution in the sector multiplying profits, trade volumes and stimulating governments and private entities to invest into transport infrastructure development.


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