New report from Future of School highlights why students choose online learning

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Innovation in education report reviews the reasons students choose online learning and how it meets their needs

Castle Rock, CO (PRUnderground) February 25th, 2020

Researchers for a new study on online learning, Pioneers in Education: A Closer Look at How Technology Is Catalyzing Schools Across America, reviewed the reasons that students chose online or blended learning, and how their school responded to their needs and interests.

The students highlighted in this report were scholarship recipients from Future of School. This report is a compilation of why these individual students chose online/blended learning and how or why their schools made these opportunities available.

  • The report examines data gathered from scholarships recipients on the 12 most significant reasons these students chose online learning as an alternative to traditional school or as a supplement to their school experience.
  • Flexibility was the leading reason for choosing online options. Other needs met through online learning included access to courses above grade level, more individual attention, support for physical and mental health issues, access to advanced learning opportunities and to meet the challenge of rural living.
  • Schools responded to the needs of students in a variety of ways, from creating online and blended learning programs internally, to developing partnerships with area school districts or higher education institutions. Some students chose to enroll with online charter schools.

The companion report, Student Perspectives on Blended and Online Learning, explains these student choices in detail.

Through this report, Future of School seeks to increase recognition of the way many schools, including traditional public schools as well as charter schools, are meeting student’s needs in innovative ways. Both reports can be found online at

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