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Four friends, all in different locations of the U.S., create one of the simplest, and most innovate services on the internet. Snippets of user reactions include “the site is Hot!”, “you have simplified my online presence enormously, thank you!”, “this is one of those why didn’t I think of that, sites”, “you are the coolest guys since myspace’s Tom!”, just to name a few. Our link is

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) March 8th, 2010

Today we are announcing the availability of an online tool that gives you the power to put your entire social network presence and other website URL’s into one link. Your complete internet presence can be accessed within one click of the mouse from wherever you post your “ItsMyURLs Link” anywhere on the internet.

With the launch of, simplifying and navigating through people’s social network profiles has become effortless. ItsMyURLs has filled many needs, online and in the real world.

You can now replace all of the links in your email signature, links on your blog or social networks, with your “ItsMyURLs Link” or an “ItsMyURLs Badge”, which never becomes outdated no matter if you change social network profiles, blogs, etc. Only one link on your Business card makes it much less cluttered, and not a turn off.

We are also great for the Smallest Businesses to engage their customer’s with all of their social networking links, all the way to Top Fortune 500 Companies looking to create an organized structure in order for clients to reach whoever they need within the company in only a few clicks of the mouse from their homepage.

About Us:

ItsMyURLs is home based in Boston MA. ItsMyURLs in detail is a free web service that provides its user’s with a profile that they can list all the URL’s to each one of their social network profiles, websites, and other web links all in one spot, and within one click. Anyone that then goes to someone’s “ItsMyURLs Profile” will have access to all the URL’s that the user chose to post on their profile. Any social network profile URL can be added to an ItsMyURLs profile. For more information on, contact ItsMyURLs CEO and Co-Founder Eddy Inserra or visit Feel free to join and try out ItsMyURLs at your leisure. My complete online presence can be reached at my ItsMyURLs link here,


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