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New Third Party Fitness App, Lazy Jar Puts Users’ Money Where Their Mouth is, Literally

Industry: Mobile Apps

Newly-launched Lazy Jar app puts the sting in slacking for users who bail on regular exercise. A digital age answer to the iconic swear jar, the new app does virtually the same for fitness buffs. Financially penalizing app users for not meeting their exercise goals, the app threatens to automatically make wallets lighter at the start of each week.

Raleigh, NC (PRUnderground) May 24th, 2017

No time for exercise? Can’t seem to get motivated, right? Some wiz kid should come up with an app for that. Well, exactly.  After all, most everyone wants an app to do the heavy lifting.  So, meet the Lazy Jar.  It doesn’t actually do the sweating but, it sure will make its users sweat.  Monetizing laziness for children’s cancer research, the Lazy Jar app is the newest version of a taskmaster in one’s pocket.  The little app with a big stick charges its users for every week they don’t meet their Fitbit fitness goals.  Smart, right?

Giving 80% of all proceeds to a cancer research charity the Lazy Jar app is also a purveyor of good will.  In full control of the outcome, users set the amount they will pay for any week they fail to meet their fitness target.  Each Monday, Lazy Jar will keep score by syncing with the Fitbit app to make sure weekly fitness goals have been met. If they haven’t, the amount the user has chosen as a set weekly penalty will be charged to their credit card automatically.  And all this begins with a promise, a refundable security deposit of $30, and a six-month commitment to change one’s life.

Justin Anyanwu, co-founder of Innovative Bit said of the third party Fitbit fitness app, “It’s no one’s fault really.  We all live in an age where most everything can be done from the couch.  So, exercise is seen as an obligation rather than a lifestyle.  We want to reverse that trend and help users commit to a six-month effort that will change their attitude.  Yes, we’re using simple negative reinforcement but, most Americans are overweight so, the carrot isn’t working.  It’s time to use the stick.”

For accountability, the Lazy Jar app will measure cardio, walking, running, jogging or any other exercise recognized by Fitbit.


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Innovative Bit is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and is the creator of the Lazy Jar app.

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