New Video Tool from Dubb Can Jazz Up Zoom Meetings, Re-Engage Prospective Customers

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Easily insert short-form video content in virtual meetings to up your sales and marketing efforts

Valencia, CA (PRUnderground) February 9th, 2023

Many of us – especially those who frequently work from home – are no doubt suffering from Zoom fatigue. Endless virtual meetings where participants drone on, maybe share their screens, and otherwise rattle off banal information as others try mightily to appear interested.

But does it have to be so tedious? Dubb, a video communication platform based in Valencia, Calif., doesn’t think so, and announces a partnership with Zoom that will surely jazz up bland talk-fests. With the new Dubb tool, Zoom users can easily insert video into their conferences to illustrate a point, provide a polished introduction or elevator speech, make a sales presentation or, in dire cases, to substitute for actually being there.

“Zoom is wonderful, but sometimes it can be trudgery if you find yourself saying the same things over and over. It happens to the best of us,” said Ruben Dua, founder and CEO of Dubb. “The Dubb-Zoom app is a game changer. It helps you save time, improve your communication and boost your influence, all within the app. It makes Zoom fun and engaging again, for you and other attendees.”

Sales reps and others can increase their productivity by delivering pre-made content instead of repeating the same information time and again. Communications can be consistent among multiple employees and across various territories as users can draw from the same library of content. And studies show that attendees are more engaged in sales conversations when they include integrated video.

To access Dubb for Zoom, users must have a registered account with both services. Both have a free tier, with more professional services available with a paid account. Users who want to take advantage of the tool can look for Zoom in the Dubb Marketplace, or Dubb in the Zoom App Marketplace. Once installed, it’s easy to add content to the library then pull it up on demand from a thumbnail image.

The Dubb-Zoom app is available now.

About Dubb

Dubb is the video sales system that helps SMB to Fortune 500 teams scale revenue with the power of data, automation, and video. The platform includes everything needed to make an impact on your sales including video messaging, email/SMS campaigns, workflows, and a CRM replacement or add-on. Learn more at

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