New York Workers Compensation Lawyer Mary Ellen O’Connor Explains The Most Common Causes Of Workplace Injuries In New York

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New Yorkers truly have a fantastic work ethic. They work through hazardous working conditions to provide for their families. From extreme heights to toxic fumes, workers in the Big Apple apply their minds to the task to get the job done. Unfortunately, this may be to their detriment.

New York City, NY (PRUnderground) September 8th, 2022

During my time as a workers’ compensation attorney, I have seen just about every possible workplace injury.

Injury severity can range from minor to fatal in a workplace accident. Because many parties could be involved in a construction accident, including building owners, general contractors, and construction firms, the case should be handled by experienced workplace injury attorneys.

New York Workplace Injury Statistics

Fatal Injuries

Compared to the national average of 19%, New York City saw a rate of 26% worker fatalities in the construction industry in 2019. In the year 2020, there were approximately 4,764 fatal workplace injuries nationwide. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 59 fatal workplace accidents in New York City during this year. Of this total, notably:

  • New York City had 17 fatal work injuries due to hazardous substances or situations.

  • Falls, slips, and trips caused thirteen fatalities.

  • Thirteen deaths were attributable to violence and other harm caused by people or animals.

  • Seven fatal incidents involving machinery occurred.

Armed with this information, let’s discuss some common causes of workplace injuries.

Hazardous Substance Exposure In New York

In the event of an accidental spill, workplace accident, or even as part of their regular job obligations, employees who operate in industries where hazardous compounds are prevalent run the risk of being exposed to dangerous substances and materials. A worker is in danger of getting hurt, sick, or worse if exposed to harmful substances.

The most frequent way for occupational toxins to enter the body is inhalation. This could get worse after a spill. Even if your line of work is regarded as one of the riskier or more hazardous ones, the employer still must ensure safe working conditions for you to prevent chemical exposure-related diseases and accidents. If you have been harmed this way, immediately contact a workers’ compensation attorney after seeing a doctor.

Construction-Related Injuries in New York

In 2020, there were 502 construction-related injuries, 484 construction-related accidents, and eight construction-related incidents that resulted in fatalities, according to the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB).

In the categories of injuries and accidents, Manhattan gave the highest statistics. Brooklyn yielded the second highest, while Bronx and Queens also reflected considerable numbers. Staten Island’s numbers were considerably low. Our firm serves all of these areas and more. Schedule a free consultation with us if you want to know your options.

Scaffolding Accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a government agency that monitors workplace safety and records worker fatalities nationwide, reported that falls are to blame for 36% of construction worker fatalities. All scaffolding must be constructed per Labor Law 240 to support four times the weight placed on it when in use.

Because of the heights involved, scaffolding accidents frequently result in catastrophic injuries. Usually, these falls take place from heights that adherence to legal requirements would solve.

These mishaps may result from poor engineering, overloading, or equipment arrangement. No matter what led to the incident, there will likely be severe repercussions and injuries. Contact your New York scaffolding accident attorney if the unthinkable happens.

Slip And Fall Accidents

Of the 91 fatal workplace injuries in New York City in 2019, slips, trips, and falls were the cause of 24 accidents. Slips and falls account for 17% of fatal occupational incidents nationwide.

The majority of deadly slip and fall incidents occur in the construction sector. In the year 2019, there were 1,102 fatalities in the industry across the nation. Falls, slips, and trips were the cause of 37.9% of all construction-related fatalities. Additionally, these mishaps were to blame for 32% of construction workers’ non-fatal injuries.

On construction sites, many slip and fall incidents happen as a result of:

  • A slip on ice during the winter seasons

  • Tripping over leftover waste or scrap materials

  • Slipping on construction lubricants like oil and grease

  • Falling flights of stairs

  • Tripping over cables, equipment, and other construction site fixtures

Faulty Machinery

Workers in manufacturing, construction, and other industries employ a variety of machinery to do their jobs. Accidents brought on by faulty equipment can leave victims with life-threatening diseases and long-term disabilities.

A malfunction, glitch, or breakdown might result from failing to check machinery before operation and neglecting to fix or maintain machinery adequately.

Retain A Workplace Injury Lawyer In New York

Should the matter need escalation, you have three years from the date of a construction accident to file a suit under New York law. A wrongful death action lawsuit must also be filed within two years of the date of the death of a loved one. This is definitely not an exhaustive list of possibilities. Peruse the other resources on our website that may apply to you:

Do not delay. We suggest you wait until you’ve had a chance to speak with us before signing anything accepting compensation funds or relinquishing your right to counsel. If you have been hurt during employment, contact us for a free consultation with a New York workers comp attorney or visit the O’Connor Law PLLC  offices at 7 Woodland Ave Ste 10, Larchmont, NY 10538.

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