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Newly Launched Twisted 23 Sliding Puzzle App Gives People Everywhere New Look at Old Classic

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Twisted 23 offers exciting brain teasers amid widespread stay-at-home orders

Anchorage, AK (PRUnderground) March 30th, 2020

In 1880. the very first 15 square slider puzzle debuted, to the delight of people everywhere. In this game, tiles numbered 1 through 15 are shuffled on a 16 slot game board. The objective of the game is to put the pieces in order with either the fewest moves or in the fastest time.

Now, 140 years after the original slider puzzle debuted in a physical format, one app developer has created a slider puzzle app that lets players rediscover this old classic.

The release of Twisted 23 comes at a pivotal time as people around the world are faced with something never before seen. In the light of COVID-19, quarantines and shelter in place orders have been decreed in various countries and regions, leaving many people wondering what they can do to pass the time.

Twisted 23 offers a simple solution. With this app, players get to enjoy an old classic that’s been recreated with a modern spin. The new app pays tribute to the classic slider puzzle but offers a larger game board with 23 numbered tiles. Instead of setting straight up, the game board is tilted to create a diagonal, jagged playing field.

The goal is the same as with the original game, however. In Twisted 23, players want to put shuffled tiles back into their original order as quickly as possible or with the fewest number of moves possible. The color of the time or move digits is adjustable to emphasize focus on one or the other.

If players want to get a better look at how the original 15 piece slider games felt, they can choose the alternative 4 x 6 puzzle option for a different gameplay.

Twisted 23 has already been featured in GizmoEditor in an article entitled “Twisted 23 Reimagines Classic Slider Game”. The article’s author, Ric Manning, said the Twisted 23 app reminded him of slider puzzles he played in his childhood. “Twisted 23 expands the old slider concept,” he said.

Twisted 23 is patent pending, and a brand new version of the app was recently released. Anyone seeking a fun new game to keep them entertained during the coronavirus pandemic can learn more about the app at

The app is available for free now via the iTunes App Store, and ads can be removed with an in-app $0.99 purchase.

About Twisted 23

Twisted 23 is the newly released app paying tribute to classic slider puzzles with a modern twist. Available in the iTunes App Store now.

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