NewMe Fitness Offers Bodyweight Exercise Posters Volumes 1 and 2 Now in a Two-Pack Bundle

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Known for offering value and quality, NewMe Fitness has just released a two-pack version of their Bodyweight Exercise Posters Volumes 1 and 2. Instead of purchasing each highly-rated poster separately, home gym enthusiasts can now purchase a bundled product containing both full-sized posters at a savings of 20% less than buying the posters individually. With 37 bodyweight exercises featured on the Bodyweight Volume 1 poster and 40 exercises on Volume 2, customers can engage in a combined total of 77 challenging bodyweight exercises that will help strengthen and tone the entire body. NewMe Fitness is currently offering the combined two-pack product at a special introductory price, but only for a limited time. Available for purchase on Amazon, the Bodyweight Exercise Posters Volumes 1 and 2 Two-Pack comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Oakland, CA (PRUnderground) October 9th, 2017

NewMe Fitness has just added a brand new product to their catalog in the form of a two-pack featuring their popular Bodyweight Exercise Posters Volumes 1 and 2. Now, home gym enthusiasts who desire to strengthen, tone and sculpt their way to weight loss and fitness can do so more easily by utilizing both posters to design challenging and effective home workouts. The two-pack features the exact same posters as the single versions, but they are now combined in a single purchase for a savings of 20%.

The Bodyweight Exercise Volume 1 Poster and the Bodyweight Exercise Volume 2 Poster are both printed on sturdy 20×30 coverweight paper. Posters can be hung side-by-side with a simple thumb-tack or can be framed for home gym devotees who desire a more permanent placement. Fans of both posters appreciate the durable design, as much as the graphic detail of each poster.

Each exercise is depicted with finely-illustrated graphics that show the precise start and finishing positions for each exercise. Illustrations also clearly define which muscles are being worked during each exercise. All exercises are divided according to the muscle groups targeted so that users can design workouts for the upper body, lower body and core regions with confidence.

The Bodyweight Exercise Volume 1 and 2 posters were both approved by certified personal trainers with more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry. Working out with the posters does not require any additional instruction and, since workouts are designed to use the body’s own weight, most exercises can be done without the need of additional equipment. A few exercises included in the Bodyweight Exercise Volume 1 and 2 posters rely on household items such as a chair or a stool, but most people add the bodyweight workout posters to their home gyms because they do not take up a lot of space and there is no heavy equipment to buy or store.

NewMe Fitness is currently offering the Bodyweight Volume 1 and 2 two-pack through their Amazon storefront. Representatives from the growing ecommerce company advise that the special introductory price is only available for a limited time. As with all other NewMe Fitness workout products, the Bodyweight Exercise Posters Volumes 1 and 2 Two-Pack comes with a full money-back guarantee.

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